SQRL App is the solution to never missing or allowing another text message to go without a response. We’ve simplified the way to stay notified and up to date.


Fort Lauderdale, FL, Oct 26, 2021— In our fast-paced, multi-tasking world, we are busier than ever, and the need to stay connected and constantly informed, whether it is business or personal, is ever more essential. Today, text messaging is the predominant and most effective vehicle for exchanging ideas, plans, and information. It is our every moment and a daily lifeline to the way we communicate with each other. Yet, it is a challenge to keep up with the constant influx of texts we receive and are compelled to reply to consistently and regularly.

SQRL App is designed in the belief that communication works for those who work at it. No longer will you have to worry about missing an important business meeting or social engagement due to a missed moment of communication. Your customized text response is there to serve as your voice while you are either away from your phone or too occupied to reply right away. SQRL App keeps you connected and present!

This groundbreaking SMS message app allows you to create folders for better sorting, deleting messages, composing new messages. With a simple “copy to clipboards” option, you can copy and paste a pre-written message directly to your phone’s texts. There are also additional options where you can set reminders and alerts to return a message.

So how does it work? At a periodic interval you set in your profile, the app automatically detects new unreplied text messages and extracts them into SQRL App. The associated contact details include the sender’s name, phone number, and text message arrival date/time. It filters out messages that were replied to and extracts unreplied messages. SQRL App displays the number of unreplied text messages and highlights each unreplied text message to catch your attention. It shows alert notifications with a ping periodically so that you don’t miss replying to important text messages.

It also has the function of Text Message Management by displaying the sender’s name, phone number, and text message arrival date and time, and the actual content of the text message for selected Text messages into SQRL App as a quick snapshot.

You can also use their SMS Organizer function by creating your favorite folders such as “Family, Friends, Business, etc.” and move contacts and messages into them. In SQRL App, messages will be categorized by phone number or contact name. i.e. text messages from contact will be grouped together.

And last but definitely not least, SQRL App internal Calendar has a similar look and features as a standard Android calendar for you to set up events and manage tasks. You will receive an alert popup about upcoming calendar events.

Visit https://www.sqrlapp.com/ to find more about this incredible creation and download SQRL App today!

Contact Info:

Name: Andrea & Tammy
Organization: SQRL App
Address: 318 NE 7TH ST FORT LAUDERDALE 33304
Phone: 5617048497
Website: https://www.sqrlapp.com/