NAC (Network Against Crime) is introducing a groundbreaking platform that will help citizens maintain a safe community by reporting crimes that happen in real-time.


Brampton, Ontario, 3 March 2021 – We do not live in a world filled with sunshine and rainbows. Unfortunately, crimes occur every day all across the nation. However, NAC (Network Against Crime) has created a platform that can make communities significantly safer.

Network Against Crime has created a community to help keep everyone safe from unprecedented incidents of crime and also make proof of crime available on the platform for everyone and with the option to report anonymously. The app enables users to report incidents like burglary, assault, vehicle accidents, theft, arson, homicide, kidnapping, and others while making sure that the app community is socially aware and informed.

“This app is a criminal’s worst nightmare,” said the creator of NAC. The app is unique because it allows everyday citizens to utilize their smartphones and other technology to contribute to the safety of everyone. 

Users can report incidents as anonymous witnesses, or as the victims themselves. Users can provide pictures and locations of incidents to make the most detailed report possible.

NAC will notify you if an incident has been reported in your monitored area. It can also notify you if you are within 1km radius of a reported incident. This serves two purposes; not only does it make you aware of your surroundings, but you can also help out and provide any additional information if you were to witness the incident.

“Our goal is to keep everyone safe, and this is a team effort in which everyone can contribute,” said a representative of NAC.

Network Against Crimes is a community driven platform, so everyone will be able to view these reports, whereas traditionally the reports were only available to law enforcement authorities.

You can learn more information on the Network Against Crime website. The website is easy to navigate, and you can learn a lot of information about the app. Users can learn more about Network Against Crime and its goals, as well as all the helpful features featured on the app.

There is also a contact section where users can get in touch with team members of NAC. Just like the excellent communication levels of the app itself, the NAC team will respond to your inquiry in record time. The Network Against Crime app is available on the app store.

Report an incident you witnessed and you will gain goodwill points in your profile for every contribution you make to society. So, I invite you all to take a goodwill challenge and post your goodwill points to social media and challenge your friends to do the same.

Crime is a very serious problem in society that leaves innocent people with real consequences. With Network Against Crime, you can be a part of the solution and help keep your community safe. 

About Network Against Crime: Network Against Crime is a platform where users can report incidents as witnesses or victims. Users can provide locations, narrations, videos, and images in order to provide the most detailed report of an incident. By allowing the entire community to report a crime, NAC helps keep everyone informed. The goal of NAC is to provide safer communities for everyone. 

Contact Information:

Gurpreet Banwait
Network Against Crime, Brampton, Ontario