Nerdish, a hot new app, promotes self-growth through the exploration articles covering a variety of topics including art, science, and culture.


Estonia, 30 June 2021– Our world is filled with so many wonders, it’s hard to believe one can ever experience all of them. A new app has been developed to help you broaden your horizons.

Nerdish is a self-growth app that provides you with new articles every week so you can grow and learn about various topics. 

“The goal here is just to help people expand their knowledge and learn about as many new topics as possible.” said a representative of Nerdish.

Are you an art aficionado? You can read up on the latest news in the art world. Perhaps you are looking to educate yourself more about scientific topics? Nerdish has you covered here as well!

From history to the latest tech updates, from culture to general news, there is never a lack of topics to explore.

To encourage constant self-development, there are new articles every week. These articles are not only fascinating, but they are also very easy to read. Sometimes, we can lose interest in an article if it is drawn out, but all of the articles on Nerdish are short yet informative so that you never lose interest. 

You can become knowledgeable in any subject in a matter of mere minutes.

“Why haven’t I come across this app earlier? The things I learned this past week are absolutely incredible!” exclaimed an avid user of Nerdish.

Users can enjoy a free fourteen-day trial, and after that, the app is available for a mere $4.99 per month! 

The subscription opens up many new doors for users. You can save topics of interest to your personal list, so your article feed becomes more personalized.

Users can also track their topic progress to ensure they truly become experts in the field. Users even get access to offline courses! 

The app itself is user-friendly and very easy to use. Articles are divided into categories, so you can browse the architecture and design genre, or perhaps psychology is of more interest to you.

“The possibilities are endless with Nerdish!” said the creator of Nerdish.

An entire world of knowledge is out there, just waiting to be discovered! With Nerdish, you can learn about things you never knew existed.

By reading up on the various topics available on Nerdish, you can become a well-rounded conversationalist, aware of everything going on in the great world around us!

Nerdish is available for FREE on the app store! You can learn more at

About Nerdish:

Nerdish is an app that promotes self-growth by presenting the app user with a variety of stimulating articles every week. Topics include culture, science, art, history, technology, psychology, food, nature, and much more. Users get a free fourteen-day trial, followed by a monthly subscription of $4.99 per month. The app is available on the app store.

Contact Information:

Iuliia Kurkina
Nerdish, Estonia, Talin