Cincinnati residents can now access in-person and online counseling and coaching services in Naya Clinic. The clinic has resumed its full operation for marriage and couples’ therapy, individual counseling, and life coaching. Learn more here.


Cincinnati, OH, May 24, 2022 Cincinnati Marriage Counseling center, Naya Clinics, has announced the return of both in-person and online appointments. Cincinnati residents can now book marriage counseling, individual counseling, and life coaching sessions with the facility. This announcement comes amid the revelation by Sam Nabil, the founder of Naya Clinics, that he was relocating with his family to Boston and establishing his practice there.

The Cincinnati clinic is now open for appointments with about ten therapists working to solve the client’s relationship, addiction, stress, depression, and career challenges, among other personal hurdles. The offices are located in downtown Cincinnati and have been helping clients manage their relationship, personal, and career problems for over five years.

“We have resumed a full operation and are happy to inform the people of Cincinnati that they can now book in person or online counseling services. We aim to help you revitalize your relationships, renew your drive, rejuvenate your life, and rekindle your passion. Our offices are open, and our therapists are ready to help you navigate through life’s hurdles,” said Sam Nabil.

Naya is one of the Cincinnati therapists Clinics offering world-class marriage counseling services, individual therapy, and personal improvement coaching. It uses a unique therapy approach pioneered by Nabil. Most traditional counseling services use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which seems harsh and impersonal to patients. Nabil came up with a new, gentler approach and a Positive Existential Therapy (PET).

“Naya Clinics use a unique therapy known as Positive Existential Therapy. This strategy merges existential psychotherapy’s deep insights, humanity, and wisdom with carefully curated and clinically tested elements of positive psychology. Our innovative counseling approach is born of our new circumstances and conditions. It provides a modern approach to therapy in the 21st century,” explained Nabil.

Sam Nabil established Naya Clinics under his first name, but a rise in demand for psychotherapy services saw him expand his practice. He recruited other qualified psychotherapists and rebranded his clinic to Naya Clinics. The clinic has five offices and has grown to become one of the best Therapists in Cincinnati

“My practice has grown so big that it was almost ridiculous for it to be named after me anymore. With ten other therapists providing services to clients in a total of five offices, a client was less likely to see me or be in my office. It became clear that the practice has outgrown its old name, and it was time to give it a new one that better reflects the current situation, and so Naya Clinics was born,” added Nabil.

About Naya Clinics

Naya Clinics is a mental health service provider specializing in marriage counseling, couple’s therapy, life coaching, and other psychotherapy services. The clinic offers in-person and online counseling services to help clients live better and more fulfilling lives. Its services include individual counseling for anxiety, addiction, stress, depression, trauma, grief, and self-esteem. Their other services include life coaching such as career coaching, sports performance, and personal development. The clinic also offers alternative healing, such as Reiki.

Contact information

Name: Sam Nabil
Organization: Naya Clinics
Address: 312 Walnut St., Cincinnati, OH, 45202
Phone: 5135495341