Nancy Badillo, a marketing specialist who has developed a number of successful Etsy shops that generate tens of thousands of dollars per year, has developed a course to help other entrepreneurs do the same thing.


Chicago, IL, May 11, 2020 – Do you have an Etsy shop that sells handmade items, vintage or difficult to find products, craft supplies, and other sorts of products, but you’re having trouble gaining an audience and generating sales? Do you look at your sales totals day after day and week after week, only to see a long flat line? Are you tired of spinning your wheels, putting in time, effort and money and not seeing much of a return on your investment?

Nancy Badillo works with Etsy sellers like you all the time, helping them reach their target audience, drive interest and engagement, and build sales. Nancy was originally a digital marketing specialist who only began selling on Etsy a few years ago because she wanted to write a case study about the process of creating handmade items and selling them on Etsy. After doing a little bit of research, she discovered a number of Etsy stores that were making a lot of money selling inspirational quotations. After making about a hundred dollars the first month, she realized the tremendous potential of the platform and began selling art printables.

During that time, Nancy realized that one of the biggest obstacles to establishing and operating a successful store on Etsy is your own fear. The next is not having a strategy for marketing your products. Nancy’s online course will help you overcome both of those obstacles, and is designed to work with Etsy Sellers like yourself who want to build a thriving Etsy business.

If your Etsy shop currently struggles with sales, and you are having a difficult time finding your target audience, and if you are passionate about the handmade items you create but you don’t have a strategy in place to take your shop to the next level, then Nancy Badillo is here to help.

Her website is filled with resources to help get you up and running in no time. And Nancy also has a YouTube channel packed with information about you you can grow your online business, having created and run successful shops herself.

Her course covers all aspects of selling downloadable products on Etsy, including how to find a micro-niche, finding and using amazing graphics for art printables, the process of making printables, the creation of mock-ups, how to build an Etsy shop that attracts and engages customer, finding the right keywords for attracting your customers, starting and maintaining an email list, and how to scale up an Etsy business to the next level. 

There’s even bonus material about selling digital downloads on Etsy, like cross-marketing with Facebook and Instagram, gaining leads, and generating sales.

Join now, and you, too, can realize the tremendous potential of Etsy.

About the Company: Nancy Badillo helps Etsy Sellers and Small business owners who want to leverage online marketing such as SEO, social media, and branding but have no idea where to begin.

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