MyMoods’ essential oil devices have changed the standard for the aromatics industry. MyMoods essential oil devices are filled with pure essential oil blends that are perfectly engineered to support your mind, body, and spirit, naturally. A few breaths of our natural blends will ignite your olfactory senses, and support you on your wellness journey.


Newport Beach, CA, May 7, 2020 – MyMoods’ has released 15 unique personal diffusers, each containing 100 percent naturally derived essential oils that are custom blended to support your wellbeing.

MyMoods, a Newport Beach-based essential oil company, has created a line of natural plant blends formulated to perfectly sync with the mind, body, and spirit. These blends are delivered to the user in a unique and modern system, known as a personal aromatherapy diffuser. Simply by breathing in the essential oil blends gently through the mouth, and breathing them out slowly through the nose, olfactories are ignited and spirits are lifted.

MyMoods’ personal diffusers are portable and individualized, making them extremely easy to use. Plus, each diffuser contains 250-300 uses, giving the user long-lasting access to natural bliss. There is no need for recharging or refilling your MyMoods diffuser, so one is able to enjoy their favorite blend anywhere and anytime they may need it.

As MyMoods’ fan Emily S. raves about the Clarity personal diffuser, she was “super impressed and it actually lasts a LOT longer than I expected!”

Here’s the best part. MyMoods offers a multitude of unique choices. With 15 perfectly formulated blends, they have taken the most beneficial plant essentials and combined them synergistically to balance, restore calm, and uplift spirits. A crowd favorite, the Energy Blend is composed of revitalizing peppermint and mood-boosting ginger formulated to refresh and encourage an upbeat spirit, and is sure to encourage a positive outlook.

Another popular option is the Relax personal diffuser, which contains calming lavender, soothing Roman chamomile, and balancing tangerine. Client Amy G. praises this blend, saying, “love the flavor, love how easy it is to use, and love how relaxing it is!”. Other top-selling diffusers include Breathe, Passion, and De-Stress.

From the Take Care Pack to the Self Care Kit, each a mix of beautifully created diffuser blends intended to clear the mind, and support a naturally calm balance to the body, each MyMoods product is tobacco and nicotine-free, and formulated without synthetic or harmful additives. Full of pure, safely and naturally derived essential oils, these holistic diffusers will help to sync with your spirit, body, and mind – the natural way. After a few breaths, your olfactory senses will come alive, encouraging personal balance, harmony, and peace.

If you want to give your loved one the gift of peace, serenity, and positive emotions, be sure to choose any one of the MyMoods blends, such as the Sweet Dreams Pack, which are not only calming, but also steady the mind, help cope with stress allowing you to focus on what’s most important in life and positive actions.

MyMoods blends are like a story. They are a helpful tool in navigating through different emotions that are felt throughout one’s daily life. Whether it is love or anxiousness or mindfulness and all sorts of different moods, MyMoods is designed for positive choices.

With 15 blends that are hand-crafted from naturally derived essential oil blends formulated perfectly to support your needs, you’ll be sure to find the MyMoods’ device to perfectly suit your own lifestyle.

At the end of the day, MyMoods’ mission is simple: to support your natural bliss and happiness. To try their variety of products for yourself, check out their website at

About MyMoods

MyMoods is an aromatherapy company that is based out of Newport Beach, CA. They specialize in formulating the purest and natural oil blends that benefit the mind, body, and spirit and delivering them to the modern consumer in a uniquely modern way.

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