The Canadian swimwear company was established in 2020 and has become a consumer favorite, offering luxurious, quality swimsuits made of sustainable materials. It is a body-positive brand, making swimwear that accentuates curves, feels comfortable, and makes customers confident. Learn more about their products here.


Toronto, ON, July 19, 2022— Mylo Swim is celebrating its second anniversary as a swimsuit production and sales company. The company was founded in 2020 and offers luxurious, high-quality swimwear sold online and in select local stores. It has become a fan-favorite brand thanks to its vibrant colors, body-positive bikini bottoms, bikini tops, and one-pieces that accentuate the natural beauty and make customers confident. 

Since its inception, Mylo Swim has kept its promise of producing swimwear that offers the perfect fit for different body types and makes customers comfortable in their skin. Swimwear is the most revealing clothing, and making a brand that boosts consumers’ confidence is not easy. However, for two years now, Mylo has proved to consumers that it’s possible to get a swimsuit that is quality, figure-flattering and sustainable.

“In the two years we have been in business, we have experienced immense growth, thanks to the support of our esteemed customers. Our mission is to offer a brand that encourages everyone to feel comfortable wherever, on the beach, pool, or streets. We will continue to bring our luxurious and high-quality bikini tops, bottoms, and one-pieces that make you feel sexy and confident,” said Mylo Swim’s representative.

The fashion brand sells high-quality bikini tops in stylish designs and attractive colors. The fabric is butter soft, durable, and made from recycled material. Mylo Swim cares about the environment and always sources its material from sustainable sources with a positive impact on the surroundings. A bikini top’s comfort comes from the ability to fit the body, and Mylo Swim’s pieces live up to customers’ needs.

A bikini bottom can make or break the wearer’s confidence because all the attention goes to the bottom part of the body. Choosing the right piece is essential and depends on one’s body type and figure. Mylo Swim offers assorted best seller bikini bottoms that flatter any body type.

“We create swimwear that fits perfectly to boost confidence for all bodies. Our bikini bottoms fit nicely and support your bum for a flattering look that accentuates the curves. Shop our products and experience support and comfort in all the right places, “added the company representative.

Mylo Swim’s soft and durable one piece swimwear is everything a wearer looks for in a swimsuit. The one-piece provides extra comfort and support by hugging your curves, covering the belly, and compressing muscles with a good selection of fabric for shape retention capabilities. The colors are radiant and beach-like, giving the wearer sunny and happy vibes.

About Mylo Swim:

Mylo Swim is a Canadian swimwear company founded in 2020. It is driven to lead change through creating luxurious, quality, and sustainable swimwear. With a dedication to encouraging body positivity, the company designs swimwear that offers the perfect fit for everyone. The designs accentuate curves, are comfortable, and make the wearer feel confident. Its products include bikini tops, bikini bottoms, and one-pieces.

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