Mountain View, CA, November 3, 2023— Myer Media and GTM Delta proudly announce their partnership to host the Las Vegas Event Experience 2023. This event unfolds from Sunday, November 26th to Friday, December 1st, aligning with AWS re:Invent 2023.

The Las Vegas Event Experience 2023 is an excellent platform for ProsperOps to showcase how it can help organizations save more money, reduce risk, and streamline FinOps. With a proven track record of delivering results at scale across any workload pattern, ProsperOps is all set to demonstrate its substantial value to AWS users.

This dynamic event marks the second annual gathering following last year’s triumphant debut. It promises interactive podcast sessions with industry frontrunners from the expansive public cloud ecosystem. Jon Myer of Myer Media and Eric Wright of GTM Delta helm the sessions. They are proud to be giving a warm invitation to many supporting partners, sponsors, and attendees at AWS re:Invent, eager to share insights and ideas.

Thank you to the amazing team at ProsperOps creating a future where the best of technology and human capability stride forward, hand in hand.

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Myer Media’s natural podcast & customer review programs are the “secret weapon” that the world’s best tech marketers rely on to generate qualified sales pipelines. Jon Myer has become a leading technology-focused podcaster and content creator helping brands get noticed and engage with their target audiences. 

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Eric Wright

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