My Pure Essential Oils is excited to launch its new website. They are also offering a business opportunity for health practitioners and clinic owners.


Los Angeles, CA, June 22, 2020 – My Pure Essential Oils, a Los Angeles-based essential oil business, has finally released its newly branded and designed website. On top of that, they are providing a financial opportunity to health and wellness practitioners and clinic owners as well.

“I guess you could say that my own plant-based remedy journey really began when I was three years old. My grandmother would serve me strange plant-based potions and bathe me in Chamomile flowers”, says Karina Liz, the company’s founder.

“It’s a very special memory to me. So as I grew and learned more, I have always turned to plants, oils, and herbs to support my health and immunity”, says Liz.

My passion for natural medicine prompted me to open my own natural wellness clinic in Los Angeles, specializing in gut health, which I have successfully been running for 8 years now.”

Liz has been offering pure essential oils to those who need it the most in partnership with a Company of over a decade’s experience. To view its range of products, please feel free to visit My Pure Essential Oils at

Liz continues to share that, “it wasn’t until I was introduced to dōTERRA® that things started to change immensely for me. Since using dōTERRA® products, not only have I seen remarkable differences in my own energy and health, but those of my family and clients’.

“In addition, becoming a Wellness Advocate (aka dōTERRA®’s term for distributor) increased my income and gave me new friendships, a welcoming and inclusive community, a larger purpose, and global connections. The extra pay has enabled me to travel extensively, have more free time, take new opportunities, and live the life I used to only dream of. It has also allowed me to bring smiles to faces in need.”

With so many people seeking connection during these trying times, it’s no wonder My Pure Essential Oils is in such high demand. As a matter of fact, the essential oil business is happy to host a virtual essential oil class party for anyone interested. For more details, take a look at the official site.

According to Liz, “I look forward to one day taking part in dōTERRA®’s co-impact trips available for top leaders to visit sourcing sites in developing countries. Nowadays, I am helping others begin their dōTERRA® path all around the world. I could be helping you too!”

Are you interested in purchasing essential oils for yourself? If that’s the case, learn more about My Pure Essential Oils at today!

About My Pure Essential Oils:

My Pure Essential Oils is a pure essential oil company that is based out of Los Angeles, California.

Contact Info:
Name: Karina Liz
Organization: My Pure Essential Oils
Address: My Pure Essential Oils, Los Angeles, California