The rebranding has enabled the firm to help more clients in the past three years. Since its inception in 1999, Mr. Buyer had been buying homes from clients who needed quick sales in cash. After rebranding in 2019, the Florida-based firm now buys vacant land, homes, and commercial property at fair prices. Learn more here.


Miami, FL, February 8, 2022 — Florida- based real estate company Mr. Buyer celebrates three years since rebranding and relaunching its services. The company was established in 1999 and was known as MyHomeBuyer, purchasing homes from clients who wanted quick cash. In 2019, the firm rebranded to Mr. Buyer and expanded its services to buy land and commercial property. Clients looking to sell land, commercial property, or homes can make a sale within seven days and get cashed out fast.

“Our core mission since the rebranding is to offer solutions for the challenges sellers face in the real estate marketplace. In the last three years, we have seen tremendous growth in our company as we help sellers all over the country get fair and quick cash for their property. We are committed to giving our clients excellent services moving forward and making Mr. Buyer the number one marketplace sellers think of when they need to sell property,” said Joey Elaty, Senior Acquisition Manager at Mr. Buyer.

Unlike traditional real estate brokerage, Mr. Buyer is a direct Buyer of property that closes the sale when the property seller accepts the offer. There is no prolonged waiting period for prospects to check out the house, inconvenient visits, realtor commissions, or costly repairs. With Mr. Buyer, the land, commercial property, or home can be sold in four easy steps as follows:

• The seller submits the offer through an online form or calls the office
• Mr. Buyer schedules an appointment to inspect the property
• The firm makes an offer to the seller
• The seller accepts the offer and gets paid

Selling commercial land and other properties such as apartments and businesses is not a walk-in park. Most real estate brokers hunt for the most sellable property and may leave clients halfway through the sale if they find a better offer. Mr. Buyer buys all property regardless of its state and the price range. After accepting their offer, a client can cash in on their property within seven days without troublesome requirements such as repairs.

“Regardless of the condition, age, size, or situation of your property, you will get a fair cash offer. We buy property from all over the country. Our quick cash policy sets us apart from other real estate agents, and with us, you don’t have to wait for months or years before you get a buyer,” added Elaty.

Mr. Buyer also buys unoccupied land from clients who want to get rid of such property. There are several reasons why people sell their vacant land. These include relocating to another country or state, going into retirement, cashing in to pay for treatment, and in cases of divorce just to name a few.

About Mr. Buyer: Mr. Buyer is a property buying company that offers quick cash to clients. The Florida-based real estate firm buys commercial land, property, and homes in any condition and price range. It was founded in 1999 and has risen to become a leading property buyer in America. Mr. Buyer’s mission is to solve the challenges sellers face in the real estate marketplace.

Contact information:

Name: Joey Elaty
Organization: Mr. Buyer LLC
Address: 382 NE 191st St Ste 83274, Miami, FL 33179 USA
Phone: (Toll Free) +1-844-573-5548