Mountain View Area Homes is a real estate company that offers buyers, sellers, and investors valuable information about hunting, buying and selling property. The firm’s website and user-friendly community pages offers property buying guides and information about social amenities in Sunnyvale and Mountain View neighborhoods. Learn more here.


Cupertino, CA, January 20, 2022— After working in several real estate firms around California for over two decades, Charles Mortimer founded his real estate firm, Mountain View Area Homes, in 2016. His goal was to create a one-stop shop for property buyers, sellers, and investors to conduct real estate transactions. This goal is coming to life six years later as the firm has an information-rich website that guides real estate customers as they sell, buy, and invest in property.

“As full-service Sunnyvale and Mountain View real estate professionals, we work with sellers, buyers, and investors to help them with their real estate transactions. We leverage our marketing and deliver exceptional and unparalleled services in the industry. Our expertise spans all types of properties in all price ranges,” explained Mortimer, founder, and CEO of Mountain View Area Homes.

For most buyers looking for houses in an unfamiliar location, knowing their way around the area can be challenging. However, Mountain View Area Homes has made house hunting a hassle-free exercise through the Mountain View Area Homes CA Zip Code Maps. These are zip codes for the Sunnyvale and Mountain View area showing the houses on sale.

“If you are looking to buy a house, our website enables you to explore all available listings in your area of interest. Once you see a property you like, this is where we come in. We will discuss in detail on your behalf and schedule a home visit and neighborhood tour. If the house is what you are looking for, we will ensure you have the right paperwork needed to finalize the ownership.

As a realtor with over 31 years of experience, Mortimer understands the role of social amenities in real estate sales and investment. This is why he helps his customers learn about the available schools, hospitals, malls, restaurants, community centers, and so much more through his company’s website. Clients can make informed buying or investing decisions by exploring the Sunnyvale and Mountain View CA Local Guide.

Investors and property sellers can also get market statistics and home valuation knowledge from the website. The website provides a form where clients can fill in their property details and get a valuation from a real estate expert.

About Charles Mortimer-Mountain View Area Homes: Charles Mortimer is a full-service luxury real estate broker associate in Cupertino, California. He has over 31 years of experience in real estate, including excellent customer service, negotiating, and closing a deal. In 2016, he founded Mountain View Area Homes to help buyers and sellers conduct hassle-free transactions. Through his website, Mortimer provides property buying guides, property listings, zip code maps, social amenities finder, and local guides.

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