MothPrevention is a moth prevention and control company based in Dorset, UK. Their products help UK residents deal with moth infestations using conventional moth killer products and natural moth repellent methods. Customers’ satisfaction with any products and services purchased is 100% assured. There is a return option for any unsatisfied consumer. For more information, click here.


Dorchester, UK, 5 October 2021 – The new season is on our doorstep and it’s time for packing up the summer clothes and preparing for autumn. Moths are still present even in the cooler days and it’s important to take measures against them. MothPrevention is a moth control company founded by Adam Smith in Dorset in the UK that is here to provide cost-effective moth repellent products with a guaranteed 100% satisfaction rate. Unsatisfied customers have a 3-months return period from the date of purchase. Delivery within the UK is usually at a flat rate.

“We have helped over 150,000 customers effectively deal with moth prevention and damage by moths. With great customer service support before and after you purchase our products, you are not alone! We offer a fast and secure delivery service, clear advice guides, and ensure that you have the right products to deal with your moth infestation,” said a MothPrevention representative.

Moth Prevention boasts of a wide range of products that are fully effective when it comes to dealing with moths, their larvae and eggs. They are here to help in the battle with the three types of moth infestation in residential areas including clothes moths, food moths, and carpet moths. Their methods use both conventional professional-grade moth killer products and natural moth repellents.

Clothes moths are those that invade bedrooms, walk-in wardrobes, and other clothes storage areas within the house. They can cause infestation and extensive damage to fabrics, hence, the need to get rid of them. MothPrevention uses Clothes moth killer kits, fumers, and moth traps to deal with such infestations. To eradicate carpet moths, they offer Carpet moth killer kits, killer sprays and powders, and moth traps. Food moths cause problems with stored food. Once infestation occurs, light or heavy, prompt action is necessary. MothPrevention offers you pantry moth traps for this kind of infestation.

Their moth prevention and control products have become a go-to solution for most people living in moth-infested areas in the United Kingdom. A trusted customer had this to say after using their products. “They are efficient. After a good cleaning, I used their product. I am happy with the result. There are gloves and a mask for safety. After using the aerosol, I left the room closed for 2 hours. Instructions are great and easy to follow.” said the trusted customer.

“Autumn is almost here. It is important to take preventative measures against moths. MothPrevention is here to offer Carpet and Clothes moth killer kits for this purpose.” said the MothPrevention Operations Manager.

About MothPrevention

MothPrevention offers a wide range of cost-effective moth and moth larvae prevention and control services in Dorset, UK. These include conventional moth killers and natural repellents to help control and eradicate carpet, cloth, and food moth infestation. With every purchase, customers get 100% efficient high-quality products and a 3-months guarantee that gives them the option to return the product with a full refund if they aren’t completely satisfied with it. Delivery within the UK is at a flat rate for all items purchased.

Contact Information

Name: Adam Smith
Organization: MothPrevention
Address: New Barn, Unit 3, Lower Maiden Newton Farm, Crockway, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 0BY
Phone: 01300 321 098