Mortgage Brokers Network is Canada’s trusted mortgage network, and we get mortgages approved. An award-winning customer service with over 30 years of experience in Mortgage Services, we offer various mortgage solutions to suit our clients’ needs, including Home Equity Loan, Home Equity Line of Credit, Second Mortgages, Multi-residential Financing Solutions, Mortgage Refinancing, Purchasing Solutions, and so much more. We customize our approach to guarantee that our clients’ needs are being met in the short term while maintaining focus on their long-term goals.


Oshawa, ON, 16 May 2022— Meet Mortgage Brokers Network, Canada’s trusted mortgage network, with a team of qualified mortgage brokers who are experts in equity financing with vast connections and over 30 years of experience that offer you more options than the rest of the market. You’ll be amazed at the potential savings a home equity loan can provide and that you’ll be able to run some possible saving scenarios through their hand debt consolidation calculator.

At Mortgage Brokers Network, they take their mission to find lenders who will approve home equity loans very seriously. Moreover, they understand that working with quality lenders who prioritize equity financing is essential because they want to secure an equity-based loan quickly and easily as possible. As a result, they are all set to become one of Canada’s leading brokerages for equity-based loans.

Among some of their top-quality services, you’ll also find help to qualify for a cashback mortgage that will help you by providing a rebate when you take out your mortgage loan. And since it can be challenging to choose between low interest – or extra cash to begin life in your new home: Mortgage Brokers Network is here to help you with that decision. You can rest assured that they’re your best ally when deciding between a low fixed rate, variable rate, or cashback mortgage and that they’ll help you compare rates and products and work to get your application approved.

If you’d like to consider a vendor take-back mortgage, they can also help you decide if a vendor take-back mortgage is the right solution for you. You might be investing in your first home or perhaps making a commercial investment; either way, they can help you make the critical decisions that will meet your goals. Their home financing experts will help you or your business find the right lending solution to make your dreams of ownership come true.

If you’re still unsure about their top-quality services, check out one of their customer testimonials: “We have always worked with a mortgage broker, and a friend introduced us to the MBN team, and we are so grateful. They are so knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone!” – John T.

Mortgage Brokers Network has expertise in providing mortgage services to Canadians who have been unable to secure the right financing elsewhere. Visit to find out more about their top-quality services and book a free consultation with their team to review their full range of mortgage services. Discover what 30 years of practical experience can do for you, contact them today!

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