Jacksonville, FL, March 31, 2022— Mommyato officially launched their web application in support of new and expectant mothers. The web app promises to provide a platform where new moms can track their prenatal and postpartum health. They also provide a library of resources and special services for both new and expectant moms.  These resources include up-to-date guidance and help from authoritative sources on a wide range of medical, health, and life concerns for both mom and baby.

The app developer, George Samoylov, is a young dad himself who thought of the concept of Mommyato after the birth of his first child.  

“This is a resource I wish we had while we were pregnant,” explained George.  “Being a new mom and dad in NYC can be overwhelming, especially when your family doesn’t live close.  Having information like this readily available is a blessing for families, and I hope it helps out a lot of new moms and dads.“

The website will give subscribers access to the full library, which includes resources for prenatal health concerns, postpartum depression, breastfeeding, and baby health.  Subscribers can create a custom profile that will allow them to create a personalized wellness plan to track their health through pregnancy and after birth.  It’s like an online digital doula.

Mommyato plans to still provide resources for non-subscribers, including a blog and a free monthly newsletter.  These will cover a wide variety of topics that are top-of-mind for new moms and provide users a glimpse into the wealth of information available inside the Mommyato platform.  

When asked what’s next for Mommyato, George had this to say: “We are eagerly anticipating the feedback from our first users.  Of course, we plan on expanding our library and list of services we provide for moms, but we’d like to first hear back from our user-base to help guide us in that direction.”

About Mommyato: One part virtual wellness sidekick and one part digital doula.

Media Contact: 

George Samoylov
13475 Atlantic Blvd Unit 8 Suite M211 Jacksonville, FL 32335
(516) 474-4840