2021, Paula Solano founded Modern Method, a design shop bred from travel. After years of traveling the world and experiencing different cultures, Paula seeks to design and sell home accents, design elements, and women’s fashions that open customers’ eyes to the luxury of craft. Find more information, click here.


Miami, FL, November 02, 2021 – Travelling worldwide opens up an individual’s eyes to different cultures through art, music, food, and fashion. Most tourists will pick up a craft, a recipe, or a fashion statement and introduce it to family and friends back home. For Paula, her trips around the globe opened up a love for art in different cultures. From socializing with carpenters in Lima to coffee roasters in Istanbul, she found inspiration in every culture she came across.

Modern Method is her way of showcasing the beauty of culture through giving customers unique home accents that will transform their homes. Art makes the world whole. Design makes life fluid and beautiful, and that is what the Miami-based shop is all about. Modern Method brings to life world-famous art through design elements such as Versace Home and handcrafted collections. The company’s goal is to provide pieces that customers didn’t know they needed until they found them. “We offer a broad spectrum of high-design goods ranging from Rosenthal to handicrafts. The synergy of our collection is the power of the pieces within it. Design makes us fluid, art makes us whole, while beauty makes us smile. Our pieces will give you the balance you crave in life and provide crafts you never knew you were incomplete without,” said Paula.

Modern Method goes big on women’s fashion through clothing pieces inspired by different cultures. From swimming costumes, beachwear, and vacation attires, there are top fashion pieces for every woman. Looking good makes people happy and boosts their confidence. Paula and her team strive to make women more confident with their style-inspired fashion pieces at affordable prices. Interior design is a huge part of home improvement, and culture-filled handicrafts always blend well with most home designs.

Modern Method has branded and handmade interior design pieces such as candle holders, furniture, vases, ashtrays, jugs, light holders, bowls, and centerpieces. Their artistic items bring life to boring homes, businesses, and offices. “Our designs will revitalize your living rooms, offices, and business premises. Design is a cure for boredom and the ordinary. It restores excitement in mundane environments by creating an eye-catching environment. The detail in our interior design art pieces will make things around your property complete,” explains Paula. Talking about the new shop in South Miami, Florida, the founder highlighted her excitement about transforming the community through a blend of culture and the beauty of art. “I am fortunate to have started the business that I enjoy so much,” Paula said.

About Modern Method: Modern Method is a curated collection of unique and inspiring home accents, design elements, and women’s fashion. The shop was born out of the founders’ experience with different cultures, which she saw on her travels worldwide. Some of the items designed and sold here include branded and handmade vases, light holders, ashtrays, furniture, and centerpieces. Women can also shop culture-inspired fashion items such as beach, vacation, and swimwear.

Contact Information

Name: Paula Solano
Organization: Modern Method
Address: 5792 Sunset Drive, South Miami Florida, 33143
Phone: 786-409-3241
Website: https://methodsconcept.com/