Misch Misch is a London Multidisciplinary design studio delivering detail-focused luxury interior design, interior architecture, and styling curations; sharing their views on the best private dining rooms in London.


Kings Cross, London, 25 October 2021 – Eating is one of the most exquisite pleasures in life and when your diner is surrounded by an environment that stimulates all your other senses through identity and aesthetics, you will be under an authentic luxury experience.

Misch Misch is a London Multidisciplinary design studio that knows about this theme. Since they were established out of the founder’s, Mischa Sedova, desire to create a distinctive identity through connecting people to their lifestyles with spaces they occupy: creating the embodiment of considered interiors and authentic luxury experience.

The studio delivers detail-focused luxury interior design, interior architecture, and styling curations for those who seek considered homes with a distinctive impression, reflective of its owner’s unique wants, needs, identity, tastes, and design values. Above all luxurious and relaxed, inviting yet evocative. 

Each design is deeply rooted in truly getting to know their client’s lifestyles and objectives. A key focus in every project is to look at the daily life moments: both the polished and the chaotic, that stem personal rituals. They look at each space as a theatre projecting your life as a place to indulge whims, a place to grow, to throw roaring parties and let loose, to create joy in a home you are proud to show off. Resulting in richly layered, functional, all-senses stimulating spaces. Distinctly you.

To show more about this theatrical journey they have released an article on their site about the 5 Best Private Dining Rooms London, exhibiting the fantasy culinary lands that provide the greatest sensory indulgences in the city. Mischa believes that the greatest pleasure a restaurant can offer is Private Dining, being the most indulgent and memorable way to dine.

The Private Dining Rooms they recommend for fulfilling your culinary adventure are:

  1. Sexy Fish: A ballsy restaurant with a ballsy name that is loud and proud, in-your-face opulence, and why not? Yes, it has been described as ‘like being punched in the face by Abu Dhabi’, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.
  2. Decimo: This is a space with a story to tell. That story contains a heady mix of Maximalism, Californian Mid-Century style, and 60’s/70s inspired decor. Every area is a feast for the eyes, and that’s before you even order your meal.
  3. Sketch London: A stylish choice for any event, one which boasts wonderfully theatrical interiors and a tongue-in-cheek approach to design – rich pinks and richer reds, boldly patterned woven carpets that complement and highlight the maximalist collage of lighting, wallpapers, and textures. 
  4. Gymkhana: This is a space that is set perfectly in the here and now, giving a respectful nod to an era that took sophistication to a whole new level. Having all the masculine sophistication of an upmarket gentlemen’s club.
  5. Scott’s: No expense has been spared when it comes to Scott’s restaurant. Especially when you realize you will be joined for your dining experience by the artwork of Marc Chagall, Émile Bernard, Joan Miró, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir – that’s 18 pieces of invaluable artwork in the room with you!
  6. Bob Bob Ricard: Among many other reasons, Bob Bob Ricard is famous for its gold ‘Press for Champagne’ buttons that can be found at every table. This is a nice touch, adding a feeling of exclusivity but most importantly ‘something a little different to your dining experience. It’s the kind of luxury you’d expect on the luxurious Oriental Express train – convenient with just the right amount of self-indulgence.

Within 12 years of experience in some of London’s most prestigious Design studios and Creative collaborations, Founder and Creative director Mischa Sedova has delivered a diverse range of interior and art projects across residential, hospitality sectors, set design, and installations.

For more information regarding misch_MISCH’s services for the most memorable results, visit https://www.mischmisch.com

Contact Info:

Name: Mischa Sedova
Organization: Misch Misch
Address: 1 Pancras Square, Kings Cross, London, N1C 4AG
Phone: +447809421690
Website: https://www.mischmisch.com/