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A mirrorless camera does not have the mirror that a DSLR camera has. This means that there is not the ability to preview your photo before you take your shot. However, what you lose in your ability to set up the shot you gain back in size. It is small, light and compact which means that it is available for use anytime you see a picture that you want to take. There are some lenses that are available for mirrorless cameras; although there are not as many as there are available for the DSLR cameras.

Because the camera is smaller this means that the battery is smaller as well. You do not have the ability to turn off the sensors on a mirrorless camera so this drains the battery quickly as well. They are the best camera for video work because they have the ability to produce 4K and ultra-high definition (UHD) video with a more affordable price tag. They also use the same sensor technology as a DSLR camera so you are able to get extremely high-quality photos with less weight and size than a DSLR.

Reviews of Specific Cameras:

Now that you know the main differences between the camera types, it is time to look at specific camera brands to determine which brand is best for your photography needs.

Best Mirrorless Nikon

Nikon Z 50 DX Mirrorless

If you are looking for a mirrorless Nikon the best option is the Nikon Z50. This camera is relatively inexpensive for a mirrorless camera while packing in all of the features that good mirrorless camera needs. The Nikon Z50 can take 4K and UHD videos of excellent quality as well as having a great burst speed of 11 fps so that you can capture action shots with precision and crystal-clear detail. You can hold this camera easily with a one-handed grip. It also comes with a great lens package that allows you to mechanically zoom. The battery is a little small with a shot limit of 300 on a single charge; however, that is to be expected with a mirrorless camera.

  • Lightweight (0.9 pounds, ~ 408 grams), compact and durable mirrorless camera.
  • It is the first DX APS-C format mirrorless camera with a large 55mm lens mount, offering advantages in high image quality and lowlight performance.
  • With its robust 20.9 MP sensor, it takes both 4K UHD video 2160p features.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for simple pairing to a smartphone.
  • Flip down touch 3.2” LCD screen, great for self-portraits and vlogging.

UK users please visit Amazon.co.uk here.

Best Mirrorless Canon
Canon Full Frame Mirrorless EOS R

The Canon EOS R is the best Canon mirrorless camera. It has a 30.3MP full-frame sensor and 5655 duel frame autofocus points for super crisp shots. It is also a great option for video due to its ultra-high definition 4K video capabilities. The 8 fps burst mode allows you to capture super-fast motion and freeze it in a single image. The viewfinder offers a nice bright crisp image while the LCD rear monitor has a touchscreen and swivels to increase ease of use. This camera is also super tough as it is made out of magnesium alloy and neither water nor dust can penetrate this rugged case.  Its weight is 1.46 pounds (~ 662 grams).

  • It has a 30.3MP full-frame sensor CMOS and DiG!C 8 image processor.
  • Dual Pixel with 5,655 frame autofocus points for super crisp shots.
  • UHD and 4K video capabilities.
  • The 8 fps burst mode allows you to capture super-fast motion and freeze it in a single image.
  • Viewfinder offers a nice bright crisp image.
  • LCD rear monitor has a touchscreen and swivels to increase ease of use.
  • Made of magnesium alloy; water and dust resistance.

Amazon.co.uk, to access this camera in the UK.

Please check here soon for the new release of Canon R5 and R6 Mirrorless Digital Cameras.

Meanwhile, please watch the introduction of the Canon new release of R6

and the new R5.

Best Sony for Video Capabilities

If you are looking for a good Sony camera for taking video you should look at the Sony Alpha A7 III. This camera is mirrorless which means it is perfect for getting great video shots. It comes with a 24MP sensor for some good quality image resolution. This camera captures ultra-high definition 4K video with an inside SteadyShot image stabilization that reduces camera shake by 5 stops. There is an impressive 69s point autofocus system alongside a 10 frame per second burst capability that makes this one of the best cameras at capturing motion into a single frame. UK users please use this link.

An alternative Sony video camera is the Sony Alpha 9 Full Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera. For UK users please access it here.

The best Sony for Beginners

The Sony A6000 is the best Sony camera for beginners. It is a mirrorless camera that is easy to take along with you wherever you go due to its compact size and its light weight. Like most mirrorless cameras this one is great for taking 4K video. It also has a large touchscreen, fast autofocus and a super impressive 11 frame per second burst mode.

It is an easy camera to learn how to navigate but it also offers the same picture quality as cameras in a much higher price range. This is great in all sorts of lighting conditions, including low-lighting so this is the perfect camera for a beginner who does not want to have to play around with shutter speeds and lighting. UK users please use this link.

Best Mirrorless Sony

If you are looking for a great mirrorless camera, Sony has a wide range of options. However, the best of the bunch is the A7R IV. This mirrorless camera has a 61MP sensor. That offers clarity and resolution with photos that are almost unheard of! This Sony offers a 567 point autofocus and an impressive ultra-high definition 4K video capability. You can achieve up to 10 frames per second still images in burst mode and the autofocus is available in both photo and video shooting.

Just as with the rest of the A7 line, the A&R IV offers SteadyShot image stabilization inside in order to minimize camera shake. UK users please access it via Amazon.co.uk.

Overall Best Sony Camera

The best overall Sony camera is the Sony Alpha A7 III. Not only is the best for video; but when you consider all of its features it comes out on top as Sony’s best camera on the market today. It has a full-frame 24.2MP sensor which allows for crystal clear image resolution. The sensor uses BSI structure in order to allow for better performance in low-light situations.

The ISO range on the Alpha A7 III is 100-51,200 native and 50-204,800 extended. The monitor is located on a 3″ touchscreen that has the ability to tilt to allow for ease of access. UK users please check it here.

The magnesium alloy frame allows this professional workhorse to be used in a large variety of shooting situations while being resistant to both dust and moisture. There are duel HD and UDS memory card slots and a micro HDMI-D slot. The headphone and microphone jacks are built-in alongside USB-C and USB 2.0 ports. It is a very fast camera and when it is in continuous burst photo mode it allows for 10 frames per second. As mentioned above, it also has 4K video capability at 30fps with an X AVC S codec.

The Sony Alpha A7 III allows you to get a lot of the improved quality and technology of the higher end professional Sony models without the high price tag.

Best mirrorless Panasonic

Panasonic makes some great mirrorless cameras. The best of the bunch is the Panasonic Lumix S1. This camera records beautiful 4K video like the majority of its mirrorless counterparts. It comes with a whopping 47.3MP sensor for stunning photo resolution. The 3.2″ screen on the camera is a touchscreen and it is a very large, heavy and bulky camera.

If you need a quick camera to pull out this is not the camera for you; however, if you are in a studio shooting and your camera is going to be set up on a tripod then the Lumix S1 will give you great quality photos and video. There is a bit of smart technology in this camera to help you out as it recognizes faces, animals, objects and eyes.

Overall Best Panasonic Camera

The best overall Panasonic camera is the Panasonic Lumix G9. This camera is mirrorless and allows for 4K video while featuring a 20.3MP live MOS sensor for good photo resolution. The autofocus really stands out in this camera with its speed and precision. There is an AF joystick that is well placed and allows four-way movement. You can shoot 20fps with continuous autofocus using the electronic shutter. If using the mechanical shutter, it is possible to shoot 9fps with 600+ frames.

The focus of this camera is still photography where it tops the Panasonic line. With the high-resolution mode, you can achieve 80MP JPEG and RAW files. There are slots for SD, SDHC and SDXC cards and the camera charges through a USB port. There are also two UHS-II card slots for the new V-rated SD cards and built-in headphone and microphone jacks.

The Lumix G9 features a 3″ touchscreen with 1,040,000 pixels that is located on the top-plate. The electronic viewfinder has a magnification of 0.83x with a 21mm eyepoint. This camera is resilient to everything that you could think of to throw at it. It can withstand dust, water and sub-zero temperatures all while featuring great image stabilization. It is a little large so it works best alongside a tripod for long shooting sessions.

UK users please use this link.


The first step to figuring out which camera is right for you is to determine the type of camera that you are looking for along with your skill level. Are you a beginner that would prefer a lightweight compact camera? Or are you a little more experienced and you could benefit from the added features of the Bridge, DSLR or Mirrorless cameras? Once you have narrowed that down take a look at the above list of individual camera brands and you are sure to pick out the perfect camera for your photography needs!