Preserving Memories in Elegance: Introducing Milk Couture Co.’s Premier Breastmilk and Keepsake Fine Jewelry Collection 


Nashville, TN, August 30, 2023— A new company, Milk Couture Co., has officially launched to provide a very unique product: jewelry made out of people’s special keepsakes such as breastmilk, ash, and dried flowers.

The company has taken TikTok by storm with one of their first videos receiving 2.3 million views, catapulting the brand to success from the start. This rapid rise to fame is a testament to the creativity and dedication of Milk Couture Co. in producing exquisite pieces unlike anything that exists on the market.

Breastmilk jewelry has become a popular trend in recent years, with new mothers looking for a special way to commemorate their breastfeeding journey. Milk Couture Co. takes this concept a step further by offering professional breastmilk preservation and the option to have it crafted into beautiful heirloom jewelry pieces.

This is no ordinary jewelry, as each piece is infused with crushed opals, genuine diamond dust, meteorite, and other special elements. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind piece that is reminiscent of Tiffany & Co.’s timeless elegance and quality.

In addition to breastmilk jewelry, Milk Couture Co. also offers a range of pieces that can be customized with other meaningful keepsakes, such as ashes, hair, or dried flowers. Each piece is made to order, ensuring that every customer receives a one-of-a-kind item that they will cherish for years to come.

Milk Couture Co. doesn’t just create beautiful jewelry, it also makes a profound impact on the lives of women worldwide. Founder and mother, Cait Robertson, who has experienced the heartbreak of losing a baby, is dedicated to giving back and donating a portion of all profits to Gathering Hope, a non-profit organization that provides invaluable support, community and resources to mothers who have experienced miscarriage or infant loss. With each purchase, Milk Couture Co. not only delivers a unique and precious piece of jewelry but also helps provide a glimmer of hope and healing to those who have suffered immeasurable loss.

The launch of Milk Couture Co. provides new mothers with a unique and meaningful way to commemorate their breastfeeding journey and bond with their baby. With their high-quality breastmilk preservation and stunning jewelry designs, Milk Couture Co. is poised to become the leading provider of breastmilk and keepsake fine jewelry.

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