Four ideas for transforming classroom icebreakers into purposeful interactions and early assessment opportunities.


August 24, 2021 — The first week back to school provides teachers with the opportunity to build relationships and set expectations with their new students. Each new group of students has unique building dynamics that require assessment for teachers to identify student needs.

Recognizing the importance of the first weeks back to school, Erin Beers from recently highlighted her favorite classroom management resources in a new blog post

“While some teachers love to dive straight into curriculum in the first moments of a new school year, I believe the most essential work we can do as educators is to connect,” Mrs. Beers explains. “The activities and resources I design not only help build interpersonal relationships, but they also provide student assessment opportunities for language arts teachers.”

ELA teachers looking for new ways to introduce students to classroom procedures (and each other) can find inspiration in the resources featured in Mrs. Beers’ new blog post:

  • Meet The Class Google Slides Digital Activity
  • Digital Classroom Acclimation Stations
  • Getting to Know You Chit Chat Cards
  • Classroom Expectations Display and Discuss Bundle

About Mrs. Beers ELA Classroom: Erin Beers is a 7th-grade teacher who writes to inspire language arts teachers with tips and resources for their middle school classroom. Learn more at

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