London, UK, 18 August 2021 – For the 14th consecutive year, Microsoft has been positioned as a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.  For three consecutive years, based on the impact of Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft has been positioned furthest to the right for completeness of vision and furthest up in the ability to execute within the Leaders’ quadrant.

Over 250,000 organizations including 97 percent of Fortune 500 have been empowered to drive a data culture through Microsoft Power BI. Customers such as Humana, Nestle, and Zurich are enabling everyone in their organization to make data driven decisions through standardised Power BI solutions.

Power BI is now in its sixth year and usage continues to skyrocket up as organisations continue to find that the return on investment (ROI) of a Power BI solution results in a significant increase in efficiency throughout the entire business. When organisations begin to experience the power of having a data culture, the value of making data driven decisions becomes a driving factor.

Traditionally, business intelligence was handled by IT or other ‘experts’, they were the gatekeepers of data who built the reports and only through them could reports be modified and updated. Next came the wave of analysts, those who were fantastic at creating complex reports and visuals in Excel. Again, within this scenario, end user were reliant on these analysts to keep updating and changing the ever growing in complexity workbooks, filled with many sheets and hundreds of Excel formulas. Today, thanks to Microsoft Power BI, the reliance of end users on either IT or analysts has been removed.

The difference Power BI makes is that, once a solution has been built using best practices, consumers (end users), without needing any formal data analysis training, can ask specific business questions and receive rapid answers. They can interact with the solution, drill down into details and drill through to see individual transactions. They can use built in AI features which generate hidden insights within seconds. Thus, the power of BI has shifted from that of IT to end users. This significantly reduces the cycle time to information (CTI) in organisations and ultimately makes the organisation more data savvy.

Companies like Data Bear, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics have help 100s of organisation make a shift from traditional BI or BI reliant on analysts, to a data culture where end users are empowered to drive business change. By offering a range of BI services, including Data Warehousing, and custom app development, for the use of Power BI embedded solutions, Data Bear helps setup the infrastructure required for increased data efficiency and CTI metrics. By ensuring a best practice foundation, organisations are future proofing their BI needs and thus keep a competitive edge.

Power BI training of end users is a vital component to ensuring the full ‘power’ of a Power BI solution is being experienced thorough the organisation. One cannot assume that end users will know how to use all the many interactive features and powerful analytics tools shipped with Power BI. They need to know how to navigate the Power BI service, connect to apps, make comments and ask specific business questions from the solutions provided. When Power BI is being used to its full potential, the benefits of investing in Power BI training are easily recognised throughout an organisation. In short, investing in Power BI consulting and training, is an investment into your organisation’s future.

About Data Bear: Data Bear specialises in empowering organisations to become more Data Savvy through the provision of modern analytics solutions. Our companies’ client centric approach is what sets us apart. With an understanding that no two business are identical, our friendly team of experienced BI consultants and trainers remain client focused and work towards ensuring that your unique needs are understood. Our decade of experience in the BI industry is reflected in our ability to provide simply, yet efficient solutions to the growing demand for smarter insights

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