Alexandria, VA, September 25, 2020: Career Coach Michael Akbar is well equipped to help job seekers in today’s competitive, challenging, and ever-changing employment market. Akbar, of YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services, is a certified business advisor and coach, accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) and Coaching Mentoring International (CMT).  He recently completed the Certified Professional Career Coach program (CPCC), a certification of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC). He earned the CPCC credential, enhancing his already strong professional expertise and contributions to the career coaching industry.

Individuals who hold the CPCC span a wide range of professionals from the career services industry. They include independent and organizational career coaches, career counselors (including social work professionals and PhDs), military and government career transition specialists, university and college career services professionals, résumé writers, outplacement professionals, human resources and organizational development professionals, and staffing and workforce management professionals. They offer their services at one-stop centers and as recruiters, executive coaches, company managers, and others who work in the career services industry worldwide.

To earn the CPCC, Akbar completed a comprehensive training/coaching program that provided solid tools for career management and job search coaching in today’s employment market, as well as submitting a testing portfolio that included documented coaching hours. Obtaining the CPCC credential, Akbar has demonstrated a high level of commitment and expertise to the career coaching profession.

According to Akbar, “Some years back, I had to talk my way into a job, as I was about to lose my visa status. To survive, I developed strategies for influencing people who were in a position to hire me despite my limited qualifications. I used these strategies—which eventually formed the basis of Interview AikidoTM—to climb the corporate ladder and start three businesses. Today I am passionate about helping others find and excel in careers that light them up; I recommend both orthodox and unorthodox strategies.  To successfully compete in today’s bear job market, my clients need to be armed with the most intelligent strategies and best practices in job search and career management.”

YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services (, at which Akbar has been providing career coaching and business coaching as a certified coach for six years, is a top-rated, full-service career success company. In reviews, Akbar has been acclaimed by his clients for his kindness, sincerity, sound advice, ability to help clients put things in perspective and build confidence, and skill in showing clients what else is out there for them. He is also lauded for his extraordinary network, resources, and mantra that helps clients shift their inner game. Akbar is also the primary inventor of Interview AikidoTM, YES’ proprietary technique for asking questions that make people want to hire or refer candidates.

The Certified Professional Career Coach program by the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches, the career service industry’s longest-standing association, is directed by Diane Hudson. Hudson is a multi-credentialed, award-winning career coach, professional résumé writer, and book author. The CPCC program includes six modules focused on long-term career management, Diane’s whole-person theory, workforce management, traditional & social media job search, interviewing, and more. The program continues to set industry standards and pioneer beyond the frontiers of the known job search realm. Akbar joins the high ranks of Certified Professional Career Coaches from around the globe.

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