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Are you considering buying a vacation home? Why not choose a villa or house in one of the world’s favorite vacation destinations?

Tourist arrivals to Spain have increased steadily, year on year, to peak at 83.7 million last year.

What’s the big attraction? Perhaps a clue lies in the Spanish expression, ‘Mi casa, su casa’ meaning loosely, ‘my home is your home’. This well-known saying hints at the welcoming Spanish hospitality that no doubt draws the crowds every year.

A welcoming ambiance is just one of the reasons to invest in a Spanish vacation home. Here are some more reasons to splurge on a little piece of Meditteranean paradise.

1. Effortless Vacations

High numbers of tourist arrivals mean it’s often difficult to find accommodation in Spain during the time frame you want to visit. This is especially true during the busy summer season or when popular festivals and events are on the go.

When you buy a vacation home in Spain, you can arrive whenever it suits you.

You can keep a stash of clothing and any sports equipment you need for your vacation stored at your vacation home, so you needn’t overload your suitcases with luggage when you leave on vacation.

All you have to worry about is buying groceries for your trip on arrival.

You needn’t stress about booking early and you know exactly what to expect when you arrive. There are no unpleasant surprises when you own a little piece of paradise.

2. Hassle-Free Home Management

Since Spain has such an established tourism culture, it’s easy to find someone to take care of your property while you’re not in attendance. Numerous reputable property management agencies in Spain’ll take care of everything for you.

They’ll see to it that your property’s maintained and cleaned when necessary and can help facilitate vacation rentals on your behalf too.

You can get more expert advice on every aspect of owning a Spanish vacation home from websites like Expatica, Right Casa, or My Spanish Residency.

3. Mi Casa, Su Casa – Embracing Spanish Hospitality

Thanks to the huge amount of tourists that flock to Spanish shores every year, it’s easy to make money out of vacation home rentals in Spain.

Spain has a mild Meditteranean climate, so it’s a popular destination all year round. This means you can easily rent out your vacation home to tourists during any season.

Once you’ve decided when you’d like to enjoy your vacation time in Spain, you shouldn’t have any problem attracting renters to occupy most of the other vacant days.

Summer is peak season in Spain. So, if you want to maximize your earnings by renting your home out during this time, you’re still assured of wonderful weather when you visit during the winter months.

4. Spanish Residency

Owning a vacation home in Spain entitles you to apply for a Golden Visa/residency permit for your immediate family. This document means you can vacation in Spain for unlimited periods without a visa.

You can also vacation for up to 90 days visa-free in any other of the 26 Schengen countries once every six months.

If you spend 182 days a year in Spain for 10 years in a row, you’ll qualify for Spanish citizenship too.

5. Tax Benefits

It’s important to get expert advice concerning the tax implications when you buy a vacation property anywhere. A vacation home can be both a good and a bad thing when it comes to tax.

You’ll probably have to pay tax on any income earned from your Spanish vacation property.

Currently, the tax rate is around 19% for US residents with Spanish residency. That means you’ll still get 80% of your earnings from rental income, plus you can deduct any expenses related to the upkeep of your property.

If the property’s an investment, rather than for personal use, you can also save on tax if you register it in the name of a company.

6. Spanish Property’s a Great Investment

Property poses a much lower financial risk than many other types of investment opportunities. What’s more, forecasters predict that the EU property market will remain buoyant thanks to Brexit.

It’s important to keep your exit strategy in mind when you buy a vacation property.

If you buy property in Spain, you’ll have no problem selling it when the time comes. Property remains in high demand in this part of the world and increases in value every year.

7. It’s a Great Option for Retirement

When you’re considering vacation homes in Spain for sale, you’re setting yourself up for years of vacation enjoyment with your family and friends.

You could also be setting yourself up for life though. Spain’s an excellent place to plan your retirement.

It’s one of the world’s safest countries and according to WHO, Spain is one of the healthiest countries in the world. This is likely due to its great climate which boasts over 300 days of sunshine annually.

An emphasis on healthy outdoor living is another perk of retiring in Spain. After a while, you’ll find yourself caught up in the customary daily walks and healthy Meditteranean eating habits of your new country.

Spain’s an ideal destination for a carefree, healthy, and safe retirement.

Expect More From Life

Whether you decide to go the mi casa, su casa route, or want to keep your Spanish villa all to yourself, you can’t lose when you invest in an Iberian vacation property.

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