Austin-based Mexican mom-entrepreneurs are thriving in the United States and multiple countries. Their business began with the need to show the world the art that is found in Mexican culture. It doesn’t even feel like a job to them anymore. They redesigned the bags that were once traditional among their grandmothers and created these unique fashion accessories for the modern woman. Learn more at


Austin, TX, November 27, 2020- These Mexican mom-entrepreneurs created a women-owned business that is thriving, not only in the United States but also in five other countries. Carolina Sandoval and Paulina Nava have been overcoming the challenges in order to succeed as female entrepreneurs.

“Being a female entrepreneur is anything but easy. We would be lying if we said otherwise. We struggle every day with being full-time mothers and full-time businesswomen. We often find ourselves being pulled in two different directions. Sometimes it’s the piano lessons, while other times it is meetings with our clients,” says Carolina Sandoval of Maria Victoria. “But this daily struggle has paid off. We have doubled our annual sales since our first year in business. Just last year, we hit the $1 million mark in sales!”

Their combined experience as design professionals helped them to build this business from the ground up, but their motivation to keep going comes from being passionate about their culture and wanting to provide a good example for their children. 

“We love what we do. We are so compassionate about Maria Victoria that it doesn’t even feel like a job anymore. It has become our way of life,” says Paulina Nava of Maria Victoria. “Our passion inspires every part of our lives, from parenting our children to running our business. We will not give up because we know that our children are watching us. We have to set an excellent example for them. Yes, they see our success, but they also see the hard work and dedication that goes into making a dream this big come true. For us, there is nothing more rewarding than our kids knowing that their mothers are strong and hardworking.”

Maria Victoria is a bag and accessory brand that is based in Austin, Texas. Their products are handwoven in Mexico by dedicated Mexican artisans. Their brand is available in fashion boutiques across the United States, Colombia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

“We offer stunning, handwoven bags that are made out of eco-friendly materials, like recycled PVC plastic,” says Carolina. “These bags are the perfect accessory for the smart, style-conscious woman who is on-the-go. Our bags can be used for a day at the beach or a stop at the grocery store.”

You can find these Handwoven EcoFriendly Handbags along with sandals, jewelry, and other accessories on their website and in select fashion boutiques across the country.

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About Maria Victoria: Carolina and Paulina became friends at a challenging time in their lives. In 2017, they decided to go into business together. They pulled together their strengths as design professionals and their love for art to create a line of authentic, handwoven bags and accessories to sell in boutiques across the US and five other countries.

Every corner of Mexico is rich in traditional, handcrafted art that incorporates wood, plastic, and textiles into beautiful pieces of jewelry and accessories. These women are proud to be Mexican, and they found their calling by showing the world why Mexico’s culture creates some of the most interesting, beautiful art available. They are committed to showing how artistic and beautiful their culture can be. They offer a unique selection of Mexican handcrafts, each individually made by hand by dedicated Mexican artisans.

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Name: Carolina Sandoval & Paulina Nava
Organization: Maria Victoria
Phone: 832-433-0247
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