Victoria, BC, May 14, 2020 – Business intelligence is taking over and far too many accounting businesses lag behind in the world of technology. But not anymore — Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting combines accounting with technology, forming a solution ideal for the modern business. This firm has extensive knowledge of taxes as well as data and technology, offering convenience and trust for their clients.

Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting specializes in taxes, corporate financial strategy, assurance, data analytics, and business modeling. This firm is based in Victoria, British Columbia, but can serve clients throughout Canada. Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting can serve any business, but they specialize in the cannabis, blockchain, and real estate industries.

Why should you choose Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting? This accounting firm stands out because they’re the CPAs of the future. They not only use the technology and skills available today, but they also implement the newest advancements immediately. They do this by holding many professional certificates, such as Blockchain (Cornell), AI (MIT), the Future of Work (MIT), and Fintech.

While this firm has expertise in specific fields, they work with all businesses based on their unique industry and financial needs. This expanded this firm’s knowledge and skills as advisors, ensuring they can tackle any project you need.

One of Metrics’ most sought after services is their online CPA services. They were able to take the traditional client-accountant relationship and move it to an online platform. The advisors fulfill their roles without you having to visit their office. This is convenient for clients and creates more time — no need to go through lots of paperwork, multiple meetings, and endless commutes.

Metrics can handle all of your business’s financial needs, no matter where in Canada you’re located. They can handle your bookkeeping, taxes, data analysis, and more.

The best part? Everything is done in the cloud. You can easily access your paperwork and upload any financial documents.

Do you need a chartered professional accountant? Metrics can also handle this service.

Previously, Canada had three main accounting titles: Chartered Accountant, Certified General Accountant, and Certified Management Accountant. The Chartered Professional Accountant title covers all three of these classifications, so clients can know which accounting professional they need.

What makes Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting different? Unlike other CPAs, Metrics offers digital services. Clients can access a cloud-based platform, making the accounting and communications process simple — all without visiting an office.

About the Company: Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting is a technology-focused accounting firm located in Victoria, British Columbia. They offer services such as tax preparation, accounting, data, and technology. Unlike other CPAs, Metrics uses a full suite cloud software for convenience and safety. They can serve clients all over Canada without clients having to visit their office. Metrics also prides themselves in hiring the best advisors, who even have continued education in niche industries such as AI and the blockchain.

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Names: Kyle Mackenzie and Regan McGrath
Address: 602 Broughton St Unit 300, Victoria, BC V8W 1C7, Canada
Phone: 250-896-8808