Houston, TX (July 1, 2020) – The automotive industry is set to ramp up their reopening, which has started within the last couple of weeks. And Metallurgical Supply Company (“METSUCO”), is ready to resupply the automaker industry with their industrial needs.

What has the reopening looked like so far? The auto companies have rolled out a series of safety measures to protect workers, including the use of temperature monitors for those entering plants, personal protective equipment such as face masks and shields, revamping, and deep-cleaning factory floors to emphasize safe distancing, and more as reported by Fox Business.

Reopening the auto industry will not be easy. Supplier-related issues as well as shortened manpower have already made the road a bit bumpy. METSUCO, though, is one supplier that the auto industry can count on to be able to ship the necessary supplies when needed, as METSUCO has stocked up on key consumables such as hardness test blocks, abrasive discs, NDT sprays, and more.

Hardness Testing Supplies for the Automotive Industry

One of the backbones of METSUCO is our hardness testing line. Hardness testing is essential to the automotive industry. The autobody of an automobile is constantly faced with the environmental and human threats that endanger both the life of their users and the life of the car. Hardness Testing on engine material can not only improve the efficiency of the engine but also ensure the durability of it. And these are just two major components of a vehicle.

NDT for the Automotive Industry

NDT, or Non-Destructive Testing, is an essential set of methods for testing anything from piston rods to transmission gears or any other critical automotive component. NDT ensures quality production, keeping as close to zero defects as possible. NDT makes in-line testing possible, allowing for process control and rapid optimization of production processes.

Liquid penetrant testing is one of the most reliable methods of nondestructive testing used today. They are easy to use and reliable on locating very fine surface discontinuities. Used on ferrous, nonferrous, and even nonmetallic materials, dye penetrant inspection is the most common and cost-effective of all NDT inspection methods. METSUCO carries liquid penetrant and liquid Spotcheck® penetrant kits that are reliable, economically priced, and can be used at temperatures between 40° F to 125° F.

The automotive industry may have a long road ahead. There are many uncertainties that still exist in these difficult times. One thing the automotive industry can count on is Metsuco to be a stable supplier of quality testing equipment and consumable products essential to the industry. Whether it’s NDT testing, abrasive polishing, cutoff wheels, etc. if the auto industry needs it, we can source it.

About the Company: Metallurgical Supply Company (“METSUCO”) has been around for over 30 years supporting various industries such as the automotive industry around the world. Based in Houston, TX, the heart of the oil and gas industry, Metsuco understands how important it is to keep the automotive industry running as smoothly as possible. Unless requiring a custom order, we will provide quote requests in less than 24 hours and even offer samples on many of our products. For a quote, you can call 713-827-0700 or email [email protected]

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