The gaming community, MetaEdge, is seeking to provide its customers with high-quality products and content related to all things gaming. this company is made up of a small team of product development specialists that ensure that their customers receive only the best. MetaEdge provides data-driven statistics on popular video games around the world to help customers pick the best game for them. To find out more, visit the MetaEdge website or click here.


United States, September 7, 2021– Tired of overpriced and outdated gaming peripherals within the gaming industry, MetaEdge was founded to attempt to combat these practices. MetaEdge is a video game database that ranks games based on player base and popularity and helps its customers find the gaming stats that they are looking for in one effective space.

MetaEdge provides gaming information such as the kind of game that it is – open world, survival, first-person shooter, etc. – as well as the consoles and devices the game is available on. Additionally, it provides a short summary of the game for first-timers. From this page, interested gamers can also see the game’s popularity over time depending on location and time frame. With the game’s release date in mind, MetaEdge uses a sophisticated algorithm to give games accurate stats on the popularity and relevance of the game.

With the MetaEdge Game Stats feature, customers can find in-depth popularity stats on any video game. On this page, gamers can utilize features such as games that have received the most hype, games that have recently been released as well as games that are dying fast and would be better avoided. Additionally, the Stats page ranks the most popular games of all time in North America, Europe, Asia, or worldwide within a given time frame. This page is highly customizable and gamers can find almost any kind of statistic that they would like to see on a video game. This helps interested gamers make a relevant and informed choice if specific games are within their interests.

If you have been looking for a community that meets all of your gaming needs, from data-driven, accurate statistics on games that will enhance your experience, MetaEdge is the one-stop community that can do it all, for you. Customer needs are the reason that MetaEdge exists, and helping its gaming community gain an edge over its competitors is what MetaEdge strives to do.

Customers who are interested in MetaEdge’s statistics services can find out more by visiting its website or by clicking here.

About MetaEdge: MetaEdge is a video game data website that helps gamers discover new upcoming games. It was founded to combat overpriced and outdated practices within the gaming industry and is set apart from its competitors by its small team of product development specialists. The MetaEdge team produces high-quality peripherals with data-driven accuracy. This helps the MetaEdge community to gain an edge over their competition through content and products, which is in line with MetaEdge’s core mission.

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