One Orlando divorce & family law firm that focuses on advocating for husbands and fathers is welcoming a new attorney, Francesca Kenney, who will help current lead Attorney Jean Moses carry on the legacy of the firms founder, Jeffrey Feulner, and his respected practice.


Orlando, FL, June 30, 2023 – Mens Divorce Law Firm has opted to grow their team of professionals by adding a skilled divorce and family law associate attorney.

Francesca Kenney is the newest addition to the legal team at Mens Divorce Law Firm. Ms. Kenney is the kind of attorney who understands that her legal experience and expertise is needed during the most difficult and emotional time in ones life. She seeks to educate her clients on the legal system and is determined to advocate eagerly for her clients rights, especially for husbands, fathers, stepfathers, and adoptive fathers.

While some people may think it strange that a firm focused on mens divorce law has two female attorneys, the firm isnt anti-women; in fact, Attorney Kenney and Attorney Moses can help their male clients better understand the legal implications of treating the opposing party a certain way during a divorce, custody, or paternity situation, and they can lend perspective and credibility that brings much needed balance to any mans case!

Francesca Kenney attended Kings College, Pennsylvania, where she obtained her bachelors degree in English Literature and Language. Shortly after graduation, she moved to Florida to obtain a Juris Doctorate from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Law (Florida A&M) in Orlando, FL. While pursuing her Juris Doctorate, Ms. Kenney worked full-time as a paralegal in Criminal Defense and Family Law and managed to graduate in the top 3% of her class.

Ms. Kenney is an active member of the Orange County Bar Association and the Young Lawyers Section. Her greatest strength as an attorney is her ability to effectively communicate with her clients in a timely manner.

Mens Divorce Law Firm is confident in what their recent hire will contribute to the team. They know that her desire to help clients through difficult processes like divorce and family matters will strengthen the firms focus and reputation. Theyre looking forward to seeing how Ms. Kenneys presence will help their firm grow in new ways. 

Mens Divorce Law Firm has been serving the Orlando community for 18+ years and is adamant about providing clients with honest legal service and helping them reach the best possible outcome. The firm’s passion and focus revolves around representing men, husbands and fathers. They strive to be a voice for mens rights as men often face unique difficulty when it comes to divorce and custody arrangements. If youre preparing for divorce and wondering what will happen to your children, assets and more, call Mens Divorce Law Firm today to request a consultation.

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