There’s a lot of talk about gender differences. Did you know that they also inform how some substance abuse clinics run their programs? Clients attending a womens rehab program or mens addiction treatment facilities typically find that their treatments are effective. Of course, even here, there is the option for customization.



Private facilities have a lot of freedom to structure their programs with client needs in mind, like this Florida mens addiction treatment program. A case in point is the mens drug addiction rehab program that takes place at a male-only facility. By limiting access to the clinic, it is possible to structure treatment by narrowing its focus. For you, this means that there are no women on campus.

Frequently, this also refers to staff members. Many times, operators want to eliminate any awkwardness that men might feel around women. With a male-only policy, it’s easier to help everyone feel at ease. But this setup isn’t the only option.

drug rehab aftercare programsAnother arrangement allows both men and women on the campus. However, clinic operators separate the sexes. Doing so includes separate housing, recreation, and group sessions. Even so, there may still be female staff members at the facility.

Perhaps the loosest interpretation of a mens inpatient rehab setting focuses primarily on group sessions. While these may be gender-specific, there is no separation during meals and recreational activities. It encourages interactions between the genders. Some program operators suggest that it mimics the outside world and prepares clients for real-life sobriety.

Within the program you choose, there may also be some differences in care delivery. Inpatient treatment is typically the best option for severe addiction. However, some clients could do better with partial hospitalization. For those stepping down care, there’s the outpatient program.



Care delivery is only one consideration. Next, there’s also a collection of therapies. Good-quality centers focus on evidence-based techniques. Because they’ve shown a lot of success, they can help you as well.

When you initially meet with a therapist, they’ll assess your situation. Even within evidence-based modalities, one size doesn’t fit all. The goal is to adjust the care protocol for your unique needs. This practice empowers you to heal from substance abuse in about a month.


  1. 12 Step program attendance at the mens drug rehab facility for peer accountability
  2. One-on-one talk therapy that encourages you to dig deeper and explore reasons for abusing substances
  3. Group therapy for the development of healthy coping skills and social skills that assist with building a lasting sobriety
  4. Exercise therapy as a tool for increasing dopamine production in the brain the natural way
  5. Holistic care options such as meditation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness training


It’s essential to note that the therapist will also assess you for an underlying mental health condition. Men typically don’t talk to their doctors about issues such as depression or anxiety. Rather, they self-medicate. This might describe your development of an addiction.

Maybe you had feelings of restlessness or were unable to focus. Depression made it difficult to get out of bed and go to work. Drugs eased the symptoms for a while. However, they also led to the development of chemical dependency.

If the therapist diagnoses you with an underlying mental health condition, there’s help. Concurrently with your addiction treatment, you learn how to manage the condition. It’s essential to prevent future relapse. Besides that, it eliminates significant trigger situations.



There isn’t a lot of paperwork that you have to do. Most clients start their interactions with a facility by calling. You talk to an intake counselor who will ask you some questions about your condition. When the expert determines that the program is a good fit for you, it’s time to conduct an insurance verification.

The counselor can do this over the phone. It simply tells you what your insurer will pay. It’s a great way of finding out about your benefits without having to read your insurance documents yourself. Next, you set up a time to come in.

Depending on the program delivery you select, you might move into the clinic for about 30 days. During this time, the mens rehab program empowers you to quit using. Make the call today to start healing.