MeloCat’s commitment to cat welfare is evident in everything she does in her years of animal rescue, adoption, foster and consultation work, which provides information on various cat-related topics, including cat parenting skills, hazard prevention, cat health, and behavior related issues.


Hong Kong, 16 March 2023—, a website dedicated to helping cat parents improve the efficiency and safety of their cat and human centric lifestyle, has officially launched. Melody, the founder of MeloCat, has 10 cats in her apartment and has successfully maintained a clean and organized space by prioritizing the efficient and effective systems she has created. That’s why she decided to share her expertise and experience through her new Cat Lifestyle Course; she believes it is important to share this valuable content with other cat parents.

“We are thrilled to launch and offer our resources to cat parents everywhere,” said Melody. “As a multi-cat parent, I know the challenges and joys of living with these amazing creatures. I want to share my knowledge and experience to help others improve their own cat lifestyle.”

The website’s useful cat guides offer practical advice on a variety of topics, including introducing cats to each other, preventing and dealing with common behavior problems, and setting the framework for human and the cat relationships. On MeloCat’s YouTube channel, Melody provides the audience with informative cat videos that showcase her daily life taking care of 10 cats, her rescue work as an independent volunteer, along with her “Cat Mommy Tactics”. The videos also offer valuable insights into cat behavior and provide tips on creating a cat and human-friendly home.

Additionally, she strives to provide educational content, such as MeloCat’s Cat Lifestyle Course: A comprehensive training program for new and existing cat parents to learn techniques to improve their cat lifestyle. This can range from litter box issues, introducing new cats or redesigning their living space for success. The material is designed to help cat parents provide their furry friends with the best possible care and includes helpful tips focusing on making both parties happy while meeting both their needs, which can mean setting good habits, and creating a safe and stimulating environment for humans and cats. The course aims to help cat parents achieve harmony by combining education on environment and behavioral modification. Melody also provides consultation for cat parents who need more personalized attention.

MeloCat is the result of Melody’s dedication and passion for providing the best possible care for her feline family and any other cats that come through her door as part of her rescue and foster missions. Her commitment to cat welfare is evident in everything she does through her website and social media, which provides information on multiple cat-related topics, including topics such as cat parenting skills, health, living space, enrichment and behavior related topics.

The platform is the latest example of the rising trend of pet-related businesses. Since so many people adopted cats and dogs during the pandemic, the pet industry has experienced a surge in demand for pet-related products and services.

“We wanted to create a website and a community that was easy to use and accessible to everyone,” said Melody. “We believe that our resources can help cat parents provide their furry friends with the best possible care, and we want to make it easy for them to put this knowledge to use.”

For more information about MeloCat and her cat parenting courses and consultation, visit the MeloCat website at Learn more about your furry companions so you can provide them with the best possible care.

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