Tellinga lets you share your story with friends and loved ones with unique, made-for-you artwork created by professional artists. Every couple of days, recipients receive hand-drawn greeting-card-sized illustrations of your story in their mailbox, created just for them! Get started sharing your story with Tellinga today!


Houston, TX, November 16, 2020 – Looking for a meaningful way to connect with friends and family that won’t fall flat upon arrival? Are you tired of sifting through greeting cards with the same old, redundant, lame messages? Want a personalized gift idea that’s perfect for everyone, you know?

Introducing Tellinga!

Tellinga is the latest and greatest way to share your own personalized story by mail with friends and loved ones. Tellinga is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and it’s the one gift that’s sure to be a hit, no matter the occasion.

As a graduate student, pressed for time, Alex Kurkowski began sharing epistolary-style personalized art that depicted funny memories and inside jokes with his closest family members. As time went by, his recipients would eagerly await their next “story” to arrive in the mail. Later, Alex would hear about the joy and laughter these small, personal gestures brought his recipients.

This is how Tellinga was born!

Here’s How it works:

  1. Choose the length of your “story,” which can either be one day, one week, two weeks, or an entire month.
  2. Upload a photo and add a description of the story you want to share. You can choose a memory to reminisce or use your imagination to create a brand new story from scratch.
  3. Tellinga’s team of talented illustrators and artists will get to work drawing by hand one-of-kind illustrations that depict the story you’ve chosen to share. 
  4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations every other day in their mailbox until the package ends.

What better way to relive life’s fondest memories, share exciting news, or simply let friends and loved ones know you’re thinking of them than Tellinga? Tellinga lets you share your life’s stories with the people you care about, even when you’re miles apart. Tellinga provides that same exciting feeling of when you were mailing letters with a pen pal or loved one growing up, looking forward to that new edition of your favorite magazine, or the expectation of receiving a greeting card from a loved one.

Tellinga offers so much more than boring gifts and cheesy greeting cards, many of which will end up in the trash in just a few short days after they’re received. Tellinga allows you to share special memories through a series of unique, hand-drawn illustrations chosen expressly for someone special. Tellinga is not only creating a better greeting card but turning it into a gift by creating an experience through your mailbox over time. You can even save all of the illustrations you received and compile them into a personalized book showcasing your special relationship with the sender. For every card purchased, Tellinga donates to Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s research.

It’s no wonder that Tellinga is disrupting the greeting card industry.

Share Tellinga with colleagues, siblings, parents, grandparents, kids, or adults. Whether a friend since childhood, a new love interest, your eight-year-old niece, or your 98-year-old neighbor, Tellinga is a gift that will be appreciated and remembered for years to come. Tellinga is also the perfect way to express your feelings of love towards someone, more powerful than a typical love letter with cheesy quotes and poems.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your story!

Visit to create a keepsake illustrated story that will be cherished with friends and family forever!

About Tellinga: Tellinga is the innovative new way to share your story with everyone you know by mail. With Tellinga, recipients receive personalized artist-drawn postcards depicting a story or memory of your choice.  Head online to Tellinga to create a keepsake illustrated story to share with friends and family that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Contact Information:

Name: Alex Kurkowski
Address: Houston, TX
Phone Number: (281) 814-2028