Soofootball is an innovative platform for all football lovers. The platform is not your usual football news website. Instead, Soofootball offers you a platform where you get reliable information that you can use to research, analyze, and compare various aspects of the football game. You get evergreen content on Soofootball compared to other soccer websites. To learn more on this platform, click here.


September 14, 2021 – Soofootball is an innovative football platform offering high-quality content for all football game lovers. The platform was founded in January 2020 to provide informative and educative content to football super-fanatics worldwide. You will not find your usual football content on Sootootball; instead, you get evergreen content that is always up to date.

“We understand several football websites are available, but about 80% of these websites are news platforms that only publish current happenings. They are the go-to platforms for the latest transfer news, match reports, live scores, etc. These contents fade with time. Soofootball comes in to publish football content that educates football fans and answers their burning questions. We publish evergreen content that survives the test of time,” said Stephen Oyelabi, CEO of Soofootball.

Globally, football is one of the most loved games, with an estimated 3.5 billion and an ever-increasing fanbase. Soofootball comes in to keep you well informed on matters of football content. The content has been thoroughly researched, thus giving you an in-depth insight on any topic of interest. The topic content ranges from: football leagues, managers, players, kits, stadiums, competitions, referees, etc. It gives you, the soccer fanatic, a worldwide berth when it comes to matters of football.

You can select various topics such as best football midfielders of all time and get an exhaustive list of the best midfielders ever to grace the pitch in the recent past and their accolades. Featured players include Steven Gerrard, Zinedine Zidane, and Xabi Alonso. Soofootball also provides you with customized head-to-head players statistics, for instance, Messi vs Ronaldo Head to Head Stats. This has been one of the greatest fan rivalry topics of all time. Soofootball offers you the best-researched information to help you understand and know the feats achieved by these two football legends. You also get valuable sports business content such as, how to start a profitable soccer jersey business.

“The problem is that football fans need more than a news platform that satisfies their immediate interest. They need a platform that educates them about football or answers their burning questions. Unfortunately, football news platforms do not have answers to these questions. That’s why we have Soofootball as a solution. Our principle is to publish content that football fans can bookmark and share, content that will remain relevant for years to come,” added Stephen Oyelabi, CEO of Soofootball.

Soofootball is here to ease the knowledge gap on matters of football. Whether you are a layman or a super-fanatic in the game, the most extensive football resource base is only a click away.

About Soofootball

Soofootball is a football platform founded in January 2020. Its principal value is to offer football fans an informative and educative football platform. Their main idea is to publish football content that fans can bookmark and reference in the future. The platform targets all football fans. They offer a unique content range in that they do not publish football news; instead, they focus on timeless, evergreen football content.

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