Designing his services on a foundation of authenticity, integrity, and trust, Elvijs Plugis is a renowned digital marketing specialist whose underlying mission is to provoke influential business change and engagement to drive new levels of scaling success.


London, England, 9 September 2021, Elvijs Plugis, a famous model and actor, has recently switched career paths. After stepping away from show biz, he quickly became a successful digital marketing specialist

In the beginning of his marketing career, Elvijs worked as an event manager, project manager, and marketing consultant for three years. 

“This experience allowed me to master leadership, effective marketing strategies, and creative innovations,” said Elvijs.

In 2015, Elvijs branched out into the beauty industry, where he worked for both in-person and online companies in the marketing departments. Elvjs also specialized in developing logistics, operations and branding.

In just three years, Elvijs transformed one of these brands into a $15M company. When Elvijs began working at this brand, the net worth was a mere one million.

“The feeling of achieving this kind of success in such a short time is indescribable,” said Elvijs.

After this venture, Elvijs ventured into freelancing. At the same time he was working as the digital marketing executive for Impetors.

It wasn’t long before Elvijs’ success led him to become the vice chair and digital marketing advisor for the Parliamentary society of Arts, Fashion, and Sports. 

Elvijs, being the innovative digital marketing consultant he is, created his own consultancy firm. Sigulp LTD was the name of this company, and he used it to work with all aspects of digital marketing to help grow many companies through digital marketing.

With his vast background in project management, Elvijs has developed a foolproof strategy to implement positive results for his clients.

Elvijs also found work as the Head of Marketing and E-Commerce with London’s Pride, a multimillion company. His goal here was to promote national and international brands. 

Once again, Elvijs’ success led him to a new opportunity. The company invested in a digital marketing agency known as Techtadd. They did this with the intention of letting Elvijs manage TechTadd.

Most recently, Elvijs has began working with Felipe Tadd, the largest clothing manufacturer and wholesaler in the United Kingdom. This company is connected with over 150 companies all across the globe, and is valued at over one billion dollars in revenue.

Despite working so hard to bring multiple companies the quality results they deserve, Elvijs is also an avid traveller. He enjoys international travel and embracing the beauty of the different cultures he experiences in his free time.

Elvijs’ interpersonal skills, along with his impressive array of diverse accomplishments has elevated his reputation in the marketing industry. Elvijs continues to work to raise the standards bar in his industry.

About Elvijs Plugis:

From business management/development, cutting-edge online campaigning, high converting advertising to his instilled progressive leadership, Elvijs is an empowering digital marketing professional who enjoys not only fostering profitable growth but ensuring everyone across the organizational pipeline has positive and seamless experiences along the way.

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Elvijs Plugis
69-71 Charing Cross Road, London, England