MedMatch Network’s cloud-based referral software enables medical practitioners to easily and securely refer their patients to other practitioners and specialists. Developed by a doctor who has seen firsthand the problems in the manual referral system, MedMatch Network provides reliable network referral management and secure information exchange in the medical community. Learn more here.


Boca Raton, FL, November 30, 2021 – The traditional medical referral system is inefficient and frustrating for medical patients and practitioners. Patients wait a long time before the primary care physician can secure a referral by calling, faxing, or emailing a specialist. Doctors and their staff waste valuable time having to follow up with specialists, complicating the referral process.

It is because of these inefficiencies that Dr. Amos Dare founded the MedMatch Network. This cloud-based referral system enhances medical referrals and the exchange of patient information from one doctor to another. The platform is a no-fuel engine for managing referrals and integrating patient data with existing electronic health records.

“MedMatch is the fastest-growing network of highly-qualified healthcare professionals who share a commitment to improving patient care and satisfaction,” Dr. Dare stated in a recent interview. “It allows medical providers to refer patients to their peers, manage referrals, and securely exchange confidential patient information. It is a plug-in for existing health record systems that eliminates patient frustration and delay in the referral process.”.

The platform is a Manage your referral plug for medical practitioners and a platform to network and grow their practice. General practitioners, primary care practitioners, and specialists access actionable insights from the MedMatch dashboard that ranks their services according to patient feedback. In addition, their peers can rate their services. 

Good patient ratings and peer reviews can bring in more practitioner-based and patient self-referrals,  contributing to more revenue and better visibility to patients and other practitioners. As Dr. Dare explained, “MedMatch is also a patient satisfaction improvement tool. Each referred physician or ancillary medical service provider is peer-rated by the referring physician upon the receipt of the patient notes/results and the patient survey.”.

MedMatch is a one-stop-shop for physicians looking to establish a trusted network of providers. It facilitates communication among providers, patient information exchange, improved incoming referral quality, office efficiency, and compliance with ONC patient information regulations. The referral system is safe and easy to use. It is also secure, keeping patients’ data confidential.

Physicians register for free to create an account on the MedMatch Network. The subscription for primary care physicians is free. Specialists have access to a limited free subscription. Medical groups at ancillary service offices can access a 90-day free trial, after which they need to subscribe to access MedMatch’s features.

About MedMatch Network: MedMatch Network is a cloud-based network of medical providers that facilitates referral management and secure information exchange. It is an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use referral management plug-in for existing electronic health records (EHR) systems. Patient and peer-to-peer feedback improves practice performance and eliminates patient frustration and delay in the referral process and treatment. The platform currently includes more than seven million searchable medical provider profiles throughout the United States.

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