Formerly eTagz, new company offers updated Medical IDs in the form of Apple Watch sleeves, bracelets & more.


Palm Springs, CA, August 2, 2021– LIFEID, a new digital medical ID retailer, today unveiled its new website ( and updated product offerings, including QR-code based medical IDs in the form of Apple Watch sleeves, bracelets, and watch-band holsters called Helper. Formerly known as eTagz, the new name reflects the company’s mission of helping individuals stay safe and live longer, healthier lives.

All LIFEID medical IDs come with a QR code that can be scanned in an emergency and instantly provide critical medical information to first responders or emergency medical technicians (EMTs). Unlike other static medical ID wearables, LIFEID allows customers to set up a personal profile with their own dashboard, add emergency contacts, and include the latest medical and personal information in an easy-to-read format, updating it as many times as needed. The latest information is provided immediately to medical personnel who scan the personalized QR code using an Android or Apple phone camera, should an individual be incapacitated or unable to speak for themselves.

In addition, whenever a QR code is scanned, emergency contacts are immediately notified by text of the location using GPS.  

“When someone has an incident or accident, LIFEID can provide that kind of updated medical information for first responders so they can make critical, life-saving decisions,” says Marcus Motamedi, Founder, and CEO of LIFEID. “We’re just using the technology available so that independent seniors, active adults, and parents of children can feel secure that medications or medical history will be available to the right people when it is urgently needed.” 

Over 57% of American seniors have a medical condition that should be known by medical professionals during treatment and/or in times of emergency. These medical conditions include allergies, chronic diseases, medication and genetic predispositions that can be critical during treatment and particularly in life-or-death situations. Medical personnel are also trained to look for a medical ID in cases where individuals are unresponsive.

Says Motamedi, “We didn’t invent medical tags, we simply advanced them so they provide more information in an easier-to-use fashion.” 

About LifeID: Marcus Motamedi started the company in 2019 as a result of a personal experience with his mother in 2014 when she was found unresponsive. First responders came to her home and Motamedi had to run around finding medication and medical records to provide them with the right information. When he looked for other companies that could provide solutions for such situations using the latest technology, he realized there were none, eventually building the company that would become LIFEID.

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Marcus Motamedi
LifeID Heal
Palm Springs, California
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