Sky Labs received attention as the most innovative company that will pave the way to a brighter future for healthcare among Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) companies attending MEDICA 2021.


Seongnam-Si, South Korea, 8 December 2021 ‒ Considered the largest event for the international medical industry, MEDICA 2021 became an amazing opportunity for Sky Labs to showcase its brilliance and innovation. With many companies proudly exhibiting their latest and most significant contributions in the field of medical technology, the MEDICA trade fair has become one of the most awaited events for Sky Labs as well. In total, 38 Wearable Medical Solution companies attended MEDICA 2021 in Germany.

Sky Labs CEO, Jack Lee discussed how the company’s product CART-I delivers “continuous outpatient monitoring utilising a ring-type wearable technology device and a medical AI platform.” It was also emphasised how there has been a rapid growth in terms of people’s interest in remote or non-face-to-face monitoring solutions. Sky Labs has developed CART-I with the main goal of promoting optimal solutions in remote monitoring of patients.

CART-I is a medical sensor and device that collects verified health data accurately by simply being worn on the finger. It can constantly monitor pulse waves especially with patients suffering from atrial fibrillation. By putting on the device, it collects medical information continuously and autonomously with advanced cloud server-based data collecting systems. CART-I also provides its users remote data access from their doctors. With 99.6% accuracy in atrial fibrillation detection, the device delivers real-time health data analysis and measurements. Made lightweight and user-friendly, CART-I aims for both convenience and efficiency.

In MEDICA 2021, Sky Labs proudly presented CART-I, a ring-type cardio tracker which drew tremendous attention in the field of wearable medical devices. It showcased its most innovative form factors and various indicators in RPM for one device among the other companies. Once again, this moment has proved CART-I’s potentials and developmental possibilities in the medical industry. Sky Labs aims to provide more upcoming features which will provide users data such as arrhythmia analysis, blood pressure, heart failure, COPD, stress level, sleep apnoea, and quality of sleep.

THE ACCOLADES OF SKY LABS: Since its inception in 2015, Sky Labs has been making breakthroughs in the field of medical science year after year. After officially launching in Korea in 2020, strategic investment and domestic sales rights were contracted with CKD. This year, Sky Labs was awarded as the Red Dot Winner 2021 and was also named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honouree for their brilliant development of CART-I. CART-I is also chosen for a clinical trial which will evaluate the effectiveness of alerting AF patients to take anticoagulants when needed. This clinical study is led by Dr. Timothy Betts, a cardiologist, arrhythmia specialist, and professor of Medicine at Oxford University. Additionally, Sky Labs has also closed a contract with the largest medical device distributor in Germany, Titan Commerce Continental Services, to market CART-I in countries such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. These are the initial steps that Sky Labs is taking to penetrate the global market and help more people all over the world. 

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