MBANC, a mortgage lender based in Manhattan Beach, California, specializes in obtaining loans and mortgages for self-employed borrowers.


Manhattan Beach, CA, February 24, 2020 – If you are self-employed, you understand all too well how difficult it can be to obtain credit. Mortgages for self employed people are notoriously tricky. If your monthly income fluctuates widely, for example, or comes from sources that are difficult to document, or perhaps comes in annual or semi-annual lump sum payments, you may have a difficult time qualifying for a traditional mortgage. In this case, a non-QM mortgage may be the right solution for you.

non-QM loan offers potential borrowers alternative ways of qualifying for a mortgage loan, such as averaging bank deposits or the ability to present sufficient collateral.

MBANC specializes in non-QM loans. At MBANC, they understand that each borrower possesses a unique financial profile. Their simplified, accessible process looks at the customer as a whole and offers solutions for lending that match their needs. Self-employed borrowers can qualify on the basis of bank statements, without the need for tax returns. And housing investors can qualify solely based on the subject property for purchases and refinancing. The process is called a Stated Income Loan.

A Stated Income Loan is for potential borrowers who are self-employed business owners whose incomes are often difficult to document. The process involves making a statement of your income and then verifying that income with bank statements. So instead of simply stating the amount you earn, you provide at least twelve months of bank statements, or perhaps twenty-four, in certain cases. These can be either personal bank statements, business bank statements, or both. MBANC will then averaging together the deposits over the corresponding twelve or twenty-four month period to arrive at your stated income.

If you’re a business owner who has a significant amount of real property or assets already in the business, you may qualify for a mortgage based on a true stated income loan. With a true stated income loan, the value of either your bank account balance or a combination of your bank account balance and other real property or assets is used to calculate the amount of loan for which you could qualify.

For self-employed people, the road to finding consumer or business credit can be a complicated one. MBANC can help you get there.

About the Company: At MBANC, we understand each borrower has a unique financial profile. Our accessible and simplified process looks at the customer as a whole and offers lending options that match their needs. For self-employed borrowers, we can qualify you based on bank statements without the need for tax returns. For investors, you qualify solely on the subject property for purchase and refinance. In today’s digitally connected world where people run global businesses from their homes and build million-dollar brands through social media, we, at MBANC know how to qualify you for your home or investment lending needs.

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