Formed in 1997, Matrix Power Ltd is an established and trusted name in electrical power system support. Their clients include some of the UK’s major “Blue Chip” companies. They offer a range of comprehensive “in-house” support services to clients of all industries who require electrical power system specialists.


Middlesbrough, UK, 04 November 2021 — Matrix Power is an established and trusted name in electrical power system support that was formed in 1997. Working on delivering quality electrical power support to clients in the UK and occasionally worldwide. Their clients include some of the UK’s major “Blue Chip” companies and they offer a range of comprehensive “in-house” support services to clients of all industries who require electrical power system specialists.

At Matrix, they understand that being able to respond swiftly and resolutely to a client can make all the difference in their profitability. That’s why they have a network of strategically located Engineers & Technicians based throughout the UK that allows them to reliably support their many clients. Also, by being an independent company, they directly employed resources which means they can offer a flexible service to their clients. Having Commissioning Engineers, Technicians, Cable Jointers, and Installers in-house, allowing them to deliver all aspects of electrical power distribution support without the need to hire in. 

Among their services you’ll find:

  1. Electrical Equipment Installation: Providing a complete installation service of all components of electrical power systems on voltages from 400 volts up to and including 33000 volts \ 66000 volts. They also have extensive experience working on Tram & Light Rail Traction Power systems at 750v & 1500v DC. They can supply and install or install only free-issue equipment to suit a client’s needs. On occasions, a client, for whatever reason, may not wish to replace an entire switchboard.
  2. Cable Installation: They provide a complete in-house service to their clients and as such to complement their other services, they carry out Cable installations for power distribution systems from voltages 415v through to 11kv & 33kv. They also design and install cabling containment & support systems (ladder-rack, channel & cable trees) to ensure a quality installation.
  3. Cable Jointing/Termination: If you install cables, then you need the joints and terminations done. They provide the in-house resource to carry out all aspects of Cable jointing & termination on all power cable sizes on voltages ranging from 415v through to 11kv & 33kv.
  4. Switchgear, Transformer & Protection Systems Maintenance: By carrying out maintenance in a regular pre-planned manner allows for minimal downtimes to plant and allows early detection of potential problems. They also are Members of the National Equipment Defect Reporting Scheme (NEDeR) which is run by the Electricity Networks Association.
  5. Management Of Power Systems: If you have an HV system, it is a legal requirement under the Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) that you have a suitably experienced Duty Holder designated as being responsible for it. By entering into a contract with Matrix Power, they can become your delegated responsible company to operate your HV system to enable your organization to meet its legal obligations. 
  6. Traction Power (Tram & Light Rail): They offer a bespoke service to Traction operators of Tram & Light Rail networks covering all aspects from design through to hand over of traction power systems. They also provide a range of services to support the system operator at every level, including where requested, full call out, and maintenance or servicing options.
  7. Civil Works: Due to their desire to provide a complete end-to-end service to their clients, they can design and build your civil requirements. This could be literally something as simple as trench and road crossing requirements or be the design and build of complete sub-stations or transformer pens
  8. Professional Electrical Power System Design: They provide a full design capability for all system voltages from 400 volts through to 11000 volts & 33000 volts AC and 750v & 1500v DC (Traction Power systems). Whether it’s stand-alone or as part of their overall contract works, with their extensive knowledge of electrical power design, they provide a valuable and flexible service to their clients.

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