Copiague, NY, July 10, 2020 – Social media users across the globe have begun to pay attention to the censorship claims being brought against outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as a New York couple launches a brand-new unbiased platform offering free speech.

New York Native David Lipsky, along with his wife Kacey, began working on their platform response to censorship allegations against Facebook back in 2017. As complaint after complaint poured in ranging from deleted accounts, disciplinary actions, and the sale of private and personal information, they continued their efforts to create an unbiased, censorship, ad, and spyware-free social media platform.

Launching Our Freedom Book just 6 months ago, they’ve accumulated over half a million users, partially fueled by Twitter’s recent fact-checking and labeling of President Trump’s tweets, as well as Facebook’s recent removal of ad campaigns, which has sparked outrage in the conservative citizens.

In a quote by founder David Lipsky, Our Freedom Book is a platform that has “no political bias, no ads, no news feed manipulation, and no spyware” and that their “members are customers to serve, not data to sell.”

Our Freedom Book is the last in a line of up and coming social media platforms dedicated to providing more “Constitution Friendly” terms of service for users across the globe. A similar outlet, Parler, has also gained traction and popularity as several Republican senators and politicians have recently begun to speak out against big-name social media and their methods.

While it’s yet to be seen if these new startups have the potential to compete with well-established channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, their numbers are growing quicker than many expected as public unrest begins to rise.

Some have speculated that the recent stay at home orders have led to people spending more time monitoring news outlets and online articles, causing a distrust in social media and the methods they use to monetize their platforms. As individuals searched for information on global health concerns, the discrepancies in data available and recommended safety measures caused many to become suspicious of the bias being presented in these major platforms. Users cited posts being censored and videos being removed.

“We recognize that no one likes to be censored,” says David Lipsky in his most recent YouTube publication.

As more information continues to emerge regarding privacy policies and censorship activities, it is possible that alternative social media channels may see a rise in usage. However, it may take more substantiated claims to fully bring down the popularity of our more well-established social media channels.

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