Greenville, SC, August 20, 2021 — Manufacturing Precision Feedthrough Products, Inc. (MPF Products, Inc.), a firm specializing in engineering components for vacuum chambers used in laboratories the world over, recently received the coveted ISO 9001:2015 certification for their quality management system.

MPF primarily designs feedthrough and viewports, which are used in fields such as biomedical technology and quantum physics. Needless to say, their work is quite important: scientists mapping a new virus or splitting an atom require highly-complex and sensitive equipment to conduct their research. The assurance of quality control in terms of the equipment these scientists use is a top priority.

ISO 9001 certification was first published in 1987 and has been instrumental for manufacturers in industries that range from aerospace engineering (e.g. Boeing, Lockheed-Martin) to the “Big Three” American automakers (GM, Chrysler, and Ford) to ensure quality control in manufacturing processes.

For MPF, this designation confirms that the design, testing protocols, and inspection of the thousands of vacuum vessel components we deliver to our partners in the scientific community, adheres to the quality and performance standards of much larger companies.

It can be difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to achieve ISO 9001 compliance. As Duane Mallory, President of MPF, put it: “The scope of documentation to achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification appeared daunting at first. However, after working with our team at MPF and with an outside consultant, we were able to employ ISO 9001 requirements into an efficient, mostly paperless system that utilized the latest in information technology.

“The achievement here,” Mallory continues, “is not that I ever had any doubt that the components we engineered and manufactured for our customers were not the best, but rather that through hard work, we no longer need to convince any new customer that they’re buying the best in Ultra High Vacuum Viewports & Feedthroughs.

To view all of MPF’s accreditations, drop us a line today.

About MPF Products, Inc.: Manufacturing Precision Feedthrough Products, Inc (MPF Products, Inc.) specializes in the design and manufacture of electrical feedthroughs and viewports, utilizing the latest technologies in ceramic-to-metal seals. With thousands of metal and ceramic components in inventory, we offer a reduced lead time for our customers. Open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, we are excited to take your call to discuss your component needs.

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