At Malerkanonen, they do more than simply paint. Before each project begins, a Professional Painter Cannon is provided. This gives each Maler Client certainty that from start to finish, renovation home or office projects are designed and tailor crafted to completion. Advanced Services include how to optimize apartments, small homes, and office wall space. Their Painter Cannon also includes Exterior Painting and Wet Rooms. Visit to see how a Malerkanonen Painter helps assist their client’s home, apartment, or corporate office needs. Malerkanonen is located in Copenhagen and now, Roskilde, Slagelse, Elsinore, and other locations throughout Denmark.


April 27, 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark— MalerKanonen is a Zealand based company with a professional roster of painters who specialize in painting homes and business. Their painter specialists are located throughout Copenhagen and are expanding to Roskilde, Slagelse, Elsinore, and other locations throughout Denmark. A MalerKanonen Painter Specialist helps clients paint or repaint their mid-sized or large home, office, construction, and renovation walls. The MalerKanonen promise includes paint, washing, preparation, and before and aftercare of each client’s apartment, house, and bathroom.  

Putting the clients first. That’s what MalerKanonen stands for. After an initial assessment, new clients are matched with the perfect MalerKanonen Painter Specialist. Their painter specialists are the most knowledgeable in the latest painting tools and techniques. Like Gun Pro which helps expand and provide scope to the look of walls in small homes and offices. Maler makes sure their specialists are the most knowledgeable and skillful professionals. They understand the needs of the client, it’s the MalerKanonen promise.

A MalerKanonen Painter is equipped to work with both private and corporate clientele. They build project trust. Trust that affords each client the certainty that their home, office, or renovation project is in the right hands. That’s why their specialist utilized advanced painting techniques. This allows painters to connect to their unique client, access their needs, and establish time frames for project completion. Every Maler client will have certainty that their home or office painting project is in the right hands. The following services are available–

  • Painting of house
  • Painting of apartment
  • Painting of walls and ceilings
  • Painting of woodwork
  • Felt setup

“I chose MalerKanonen after a positive, initial conversation, and I’ve never had any regrets. The experience was great from start to end, and the work was carried out perfectly. I’m so pleased with MalerKanonen’s effort.” (SandraVanløse, a highly satisfied MalerKanonen client)

No two projects are alike, that’s why pairing the right Maler with the right clients matters. Visit to view a list of their additional services or to hire a MalerKanonen Painter Specialist. 

About Malerkanonen: Malerkanonen is a Copenhagen based painting company that provides both private and corporate painting services, with expanding offices in Roskilde, Slagelse, Elsinore, and other locations throughout Denmark. Malerkanonen offers free initial home or office assessments on renovation projects, call 71745353 or [email protected] to connect with a Malerkanonen Painter Specialist. 

Contact Info:
Contact Name: Stefan Stojkovic
Organization: Malerkanonen
Address: Mileparken 22B, 2. sal
Phone: +45 71 74 53 53