Make it very merry christmas with these cool christmas gifts

The average consumer expects to buy just under 15 presents each year during the holidays.

Between family members and friends, there are a lot of people that you need to buy meaningful gifts for.

Do you know someone who either has it all or never gives you an idea of what they want? If this is the case, don’t worry— there are perfect gifts for all.

Continue reading to discover cool Christmas gifts for 2019. These gifts are perfect for loved ones and you may even want to buy some for yourself!

1. Take Care of Your Wine Lover

If you know someone who is always trying new wines or has a bottle at every event, consider getting them a wine box subscription!

These subscriptions are cool Christmas gifts because they give all year long. The wine subscription sends bottles straight to their door each month based on their unique taste.

Every box comes with 4 bottles and they can even be swapped out for more interesting flavors.

2. Bluetooth Beanie

Is there a music lover in your life?

Maybe it’s your significant other, your kids, or even yourself! A Bluetooth wireless beanie is perfect for the person who always has their headphones on. The beanies are cozy and can keep warm all winter long with music streaming. They are also water-resistant, making them perfect for snowy days.

Most Bluetooth beanies can play music for 5 hours before needing to be plugged in to charge.

3. Relaxation Kit

One of the best gifts to get someone you love is a relaxation kit.

You can either purchase a kit already made or create your own with candles, pampering items, and maybe even a movie. You can find some of the most relaxing candles at Gifts & Homewares Blairgowrie.

Bath salts, essential oils, and face masks are also perfect additions for any relaxation kit. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make one based on your loved one’s favorites!

4. Pet Cookie Cutter

Not only are friends and family important during the holiday, but so are your furry loved ones!

Getting a custom pet portrait cookie cutter can be a great gift for the kids or any dog lover. They can use the cutter and see the face of their dog on the cookie tray! You can even make dog-friendly cookies and biscuits with these cutters.

Give Cool Christmas Gifts and Not Coal

Finding cool Christmas gifts for the ones you love can be more challenging than you think.

Utilizing the guide above can help you figure out the best gift that will make your loved ones smile. The wine lovers can get excited when they find out they will be getting a monthly subscription and your music lovers can enjoy a warm beanie.

Creating gift baskets, like one for relaxation can be a great way to give your loved one their favorite essentials. They can also take some time out of their schedule for themselves.

This Christmas everyone will be smiling when they open their gifts and thankful to have you.

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