MagLoft is the FIRST and ONLY digital publishing platform to offer Progressive Web App (PWA) Technology, a combination of a Website + Mobile App into a single platform called Universal App.


Singapore, 14 March 2022— MagLoft Solutions is forever changing the digital publishing industry with their new, innovative app.

MagLoft’s Universal App can transform your content into stunning, mobile-first digital experiences that are optimized for search engines and converts your traffic into customers.

The app has many new and innovative features.

With the Universal App, you can Easily convert your PDF issues into responsive HTML to make your content visible to search engines. While using the app, you can switch between PDF and HTML with the press of a button.

Universal App also uses PWA to allow your readers to view content on any device. Whether you are on your phone, a tablet, or laptop, MagLoft has got you covered!

The Universal App can give your articles a fresh, new look that compliment any form of technology. Your readers can explore more content through the built-in search engine optimization.

“We really went all out with the Universal App. Our whole team is thrilled with it!” said a MagLoft technician.

With the Universal App, you can monetize your content in a customizable manner. You can enable single purchases, or unique subscriptions for repeat customers. The options are endless!

With the built-in analytics and tracking features, you are equipped with the tools necessary to grow your business. Universal App connects you directly with Google Analytics for the best possible result.

“I’m happy to invest my time with Magloft. I think you guys have a great product. Looking forward to what’s gonna come next in this app to make my life easier. For sure it will help other publishers as well,” said one publisher.

For more information on MagLoft and the Universal App, you can visit the MagLoft website.

Here you can view the various content conversion service offered by MagLoft. You can also view more information on each service along with the pricing for each.

You can also check out how MagLoft has helped others by viewing their ‘case studies’ section. The MagLoft team also provides an informational blog for their customers. You can read this blog on the website as well.

MagLoft is taking the digital publishing game to the next level. Let MagLoft do wonders for your business! Book your demo or start a free trial with them today! 

About MagLoft:

Magloft is a team of 12 with a mission to help the publishing industry thrive by teaming up with Print Publishers and supporting them to transition to digital publications with their own all-in-one Digital Publishing & Marketing Platform. MagLoft’s all-in-one digital publishing solution is for Print, PDF and Digital content creators looking to digitize, publish and monetize their content in a single, easy to use platform that simply works out of the box.

Contact Information:

Nick Martin
MagLoft, 51 Goldhill Plaza, #07-10/11, Singapore 308900
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