LPA, an analytics consulting firm headquartered in Rochester, NY that helps companies access, understand, and take action based on vast amounts of data they collect during the course of their business operations. LPA offers clients a highly skilled team of consultants to help make strategic, growth-driven business decisions.


Rochester, NY, January 29, 2020– It’s a cliché to say that business today runs on information. But the fact is that many businesses today generate so much information that they don’t fully understand how to access it, or how to apply it to make their operations more efficient and profitable, which is a process called analytics. LPA is a consulting firm built on analytics.

The core purpose of LPA is to help clients achieve business goals through better, faster decision making. LPA uses data science, artificial intelligence, financial analytics, and location data, to help companies gain specific, actionable insights that help run their operations smarter, faster, and more efficiently. 

The consultants at LPA strive to understand each customer’s unique needs, culture and business environment, and then work side by side with their team to achieve the required results. LPA’s consultants make sure their client’s executives and employees are completely satisfied with the services or solution chosen, and offer follow-on support to make sure there are no lingering uncertainties.

Business Intelligence is the business of knowing, the fusion of art and science that offers a clear and comprehensive view of a business’s strengths and weaknesses, which makes it a critical tool for assessing competitive positioning and projecting profitability.

LPA’s analytics capabilities are centered around the IBM Cognos. LPA consultants are IBM Certified and have trained hundreds of customers in analytics methodologies and technologies. A company may be a good candidate for BI analytics services if they are seeking clarity, operational efficiency, improved data quality, faster and more accurate reporting, analysis, or planning, and a stronger competitive advantage.

LPA’s clients span all industries.  LPA exists to help their clients properly manage and leverage data to make swift, effective, growth-driving decisions.

They evaluate the needs, deploy the necessary solutions, and train their clients’ team to realize their fullest potential. LPA is a group of data-driven, analytically-focused experts, eager to be your trusted partner, grow your business, and leverage the power of analytics.

Give LPA a call today to find out how their expertise in analytics can help your business, or register for one of their informational webinars.

About the Company: LPA is a consulting and professional services firm built on client satisfaction and deep expertise in analytics. With nineteen years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, LPA offers a range of services and solutions for analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, financial performance management, data governance, location analytics, and data sets.

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