Long Natural Health was founded by Timothy Long on the foundation that educating yourself on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintaining good health. They provide an online resource for people to not only find the nutritional supplements they need but obtain information on how to improve their overall wellness.


Boulder, CO ‒ March 4, 2021 ‒ Long Natural Health is committed to helping people easily find the nutritional supplements they need in order to build and maintain good health. Their team of staff is available to walk their customers through every step of the process, ensuring they select the right products for their wellbeing and lifestyle. 

Long Natural Health was founded in 1997 by Timothy Long. Long has a passion for health in wellness that began in his early twenties after his mother passed away from cancer. During this time, Long spent many hours researching ways to improve his mother’s health, both in alternative health literature and at a medical library in New York City. Long recognized a disconnect between medical practices, mainstream beliefs, and research around the subject of health. He made a commitment to learning everything he could and passing on his knowledge to those interested in naturally obtaining optimal health and preventing illness. 

Long Natural Health doesn’t believe the answer to good health is a handful of vitamins or a single dose of medication. Being educated in proper nutrition, as well as taking care of yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually are all important components to sustaining lifelong health. Many factors from a person’s lifestyle need to be taken into account when evaluating their health and needs. The need for professional-quality nutrients in today’s world is important. If a person goes through many years of being sedentary, having a poor diet, experiencing stress, and other environmental factors, their body will need extra nutritional supplementation to get them to a point of good health.

On Long Natural Health’s website, they feature a variety of health products that are easily organized by brand, category, or health concerns to make it easier for customers to shop. Customers can search through areas such as gut health, hormonal support, anxiety and stress relief, sleep support, and weight loss to find the products they need to fit their areas of concern. Long Natural Health also includes a section for wellness resources, providing customers with information on how to deal with their ailments in a natural way. 

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ABOUT LONG NATURAL HEALTH: Long Natural Health was founded on the principle that good health does not have to be as complicated as many people imagine. They understand that people want clarity, reliable information, and quality health supplements that they can trust. Their products and services are backed by 30 years of dedicated research and experience. Long Natural Health has carefully hand-selected every brand and product that they carry to help their customers achieve and maintain great health. 

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