With over nine thousand transactions, Lonestar Transfer is a market-leading provider of timeshare cancellation and timeshare transfer services, helping timeshare owners who no longer wish to be stuck with never-ending timeshare payments achieve financial peace of mind.


Rockwall, TX, April 14, 2020 – Lonestar Transfer understands that sometimes owners of timeshares no longer want to be burdened with the ongoing hassle of owning a timeshare. Perhaps when you first bought your timeshare, you imagined the time you would spend with family and friends and, and loved the idea of owning a timeshare with which to do so.

But as life and circumstances changed, perhaps your needs changed, too. Maybe you wanted to use the money you were spending on your timeshare for something else.

Lonestar Transfer offers a specialized title transfer service. With over nine thousand title transfers completed to date, the Lonestar Transfer timeshare lawyers have years of experience helping timeshare owners legally transfer their timeshare titles out of their name, thereby removing all financial liability from the owners.

Perhaps at some point, you tried to extricate yourself from a timeshare by offering to sell it to someone else. Or maybe were approached by an unscrupulous business that claimed to represent some mysterious buyer. Or perhaps you received an offer from a company to advertise your timeshare for sale, but only in exchange for a large payment.

Lonestar Transfer understands the process involved in how to get out of a timeshare. As a specialized title transfer service, Lonestar Transfer has helped thousands of timeshare owners transfer the title of their timeshare legally out of their name. Once the process is finished, the previous owners are no longer financially liable for the continued timeshare payments.

For instances in which the timeshare owner has a mortgage associated with the timeshare, and therefore may not qualify for Lonestar Transfer’s timeshare transfer service, Lonestar Transfer has created a different program which has proven to be very successful called timeshare mortgage cancellation. With timeshare mortgage cancellation, Lonestar Transfer works with the owner and the resort where the timeshare was purchased to have the timeshare canceled.

The timeshare exit team at Lonestar Transfer has years of experience in the timeshare transfer industry. They can help timeshare owners follow a seamless and legal route out of timeshare ownership.

About the Company: For decades now, Karen and Bryan Holloway have been working in timeshare owner advocacy to help owners stuck in timeshares. They spent much of this time consulting timeshare owners on how to stop the financial burden of a timeshare contract and coordinating financial relief to timeshare owners who desired a legal and permanent solution to discontinuing ownership. In 2012, as demand for their expertise in timeshare advocacy continued to grow, Karen and Bryan founded Lonestar Transfer, so they could continue helping burdened timeshare owners on a bigger scale. Lonestar Transfer provides timeshare transfer and timeshare cancellation services with guaranteed results. With over nine thousand successful transactions, Lonestar Transfer is the industry leader in timeshare cancellation services.

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