Lonestar Transfer, a title transfer company based in Texas, specializes in helping timeshare owners transfer the titles to their timeshare, removing financial liability and ensuring peace of mind for owners who no longer want a timeshare.


Rockwall, TX, April 13, 2020 – When you first purchased your timeshare, you no doubt imagined all the priceless days of vacation you would spend in the company of friends and loved ones. And for a while, it was great.

But then, perhaps, something changed. Maybe you wanted more flexibility when it came to your choice of vacation destinations. Maybe you wanted to use the money you were spending on your timeshare for something else. Perhaps it simply started out with a creeping sense of worry.

Suddenly, the timeshare which at one time seemed to offer the chance for escape and relaxation has gradually changed into a source of stress. The hassle of maintaining rounds of payments that seem to never end, year after year, begins to outweigh the pleasure you once got from the timeshare. Eventually, you may arrive at the point where all you want to do is get out of the timeshare ownership completely.

But how do you go about canceling a timeshare contract? That’s the big question, and that’s where Lonestar Transfer comes in. Lonestar Transfer specializes in canceling timeshare contracts.

Perhaps in the past, you have tried to get out of a timeshare by offering it for sale to someone else, but this didn’t work. Or maybe you’ve been called by a scam artist who claims to represent an unnamed buyer. Or perhaps you have received something in the mail from some company that offers to list your timeshare, but in exchange for a large fee.

Lonestar Transfer knows how to get rid of a timeshare. Lonestar Transfer’s specialty is as a title transfer service. Lonestar Transfer helps timeshare owners legally transfer the title of their timeshare property out of their name. Once this transfer is done, the previous owners are removed from all financial liability.

In some cases, a timeshare owner may still have a mortgage attached to their timeshare, in which case they wouldn’t qualify for Lonestar Transfer’s timeshare transfer service. However, for these cases, Lonestar Transfer has created a second program called timeshare mortgage cancellation, which has proven to be very successful. With this service, Lonestar Transfer works directly with you and the resort where you purchased your timeshare to have it canceled.

Lonestar Transfer is the oldest timeshare transfer service in the industry, featuring exceptional customer service and a well-developed process for allowing the seamless and legal route out of your timeshare.

About the Company: For decades now, Karen and Bryan Holloway have been working in timeshare owner advocacy to help owners stuck in timeshares. They spent much of this time consulting timeshare owners on how to stop the financial burden of a timeshare contract and coordinating financial relief to timeshare owners who desired a legal and permanent solution to discontinuing ownership. In 2012, as demand for their expertise in timeshare advocacy continued to grow, Karen and Bryan founded Lonestar Transfer, so they could continue helping burdened timeshare owners on a bigger scale. Lonestar Transfer provides timeshare transfer and timeshare cancellation services with guaranteed results. With over nine thousand successful transactions, Lonestar Transfer is the industry leader in timeshare cancellation services.

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Phone: 855.722.3166
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