Locate Translate is opening a new office in Dubai to end the long drought of quality translations in the Arab world through its Arabic to English translation services carried out by native linguists. The move is expected to bring respite to middle-eastern companies who have until now been served mediocre translation much to the frustration of the owners. Businesses can now access quality translation services directly from the Dubai office of Locate Translate and expand unhindered to English-speaking markets.


Enfield, London, September 30, 2021 – Locate Translate, a leading translation agency in the United Kingdom, today announced that they are opening a new office in Dubai, UAE, with a singular aim to help middle-eastern companies leverage the agency’s quality language solutions to better serve their English speaking consumers and expand to English-dominated markets.

The move to expand to Dubai was driven by increasing demand for Arabic to English translation services, requests for which skyrocketed over the years, the agency has stated. The new office in Dubai, it said, would enable the agency and its translators to acquaint themselves with Arab culture and language, imbibe the unique linguistic style of the Arabic language and get to know its idioms and phrases. All of that, the agency said, is pertinent to localized translation in Arabic.

The rising demand for Arabic to English translation was met with a concomitant decreasing translation quality. The mediocre services provided to middle-eastern companies prompted the agency to move to Dubai to make the finest linguistic talent in the form of a talented pool of translators and interpreters accessible to middle-eastern companies.

The new office is expected to bring a paradigm shift in how translation is done and make quality translation affordable. The Dubai office will cater primarily to Arabic to English translation requests and will serve as a genuine template for others to follow.

Talking about translation and not saying a word on transcription may amount to a big mistake. Because for a long time now, Arab businesses have been served machine-generated transcripts in the name of human-done transcription. To stem this practice and replace it with genuinely human-generated transcription services, Locate Translate pledges to offer Arab businesses 100% human-done Arabic to English transcription, subtitling, and voice-over services.

Locate Translate has already created a name for itself as a leading translation agency in the UK and Europe. The Dubai office, it is believed, will bring great value to the middle-eastern businesses vying for space in the global economy.

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About Locate Translate: Locate Translate UK was founded in 2016 with a singular aim to become a leading language service provider across industries. Ever since its advent, the agency has been at the forefront in providing translation, transcription, interpretation, postediting, localization, open-end coding, and other myriad language solutions to Market Research, Medical and Life Sciences, Marketing, Legal, Fashion, Finance, Gaming and other industries. Locate’s translation and interpretation is carried out by native linguists who produce natural-sounding translations fully adapted to the culture and language of the target market.

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