Whether you are a local business, a startup, or a marketing agency … Lixcorp will help you transcend your digital marketing to a whole new level!


Egypt, 27 January 2021 – 3 former pharmacists who are passionate about marketing ditch the field after years of studying because it was not fulfilling enough to them for their strong passion for creative expression. 

Plunging altogether into the world of internet marketing & entrepreneurship, and starting the ladder -years ago- as separate freelancers, they were able to evolve enough and even dominate the top-rated online departments for highly-competitive services like: web design & development, graphic design, and SEO on popular freelancing American platforms despite market saturation. That’s how the growth started, and how LixCorp was born.

Their promise is “American-Quality” work that will present any startup or business in a corporate-like manner that establishes them as an authority in their field while steering away from the cliche’ or the stereotypical freelancer type of quality. 

Lixcorp -as a marketing agency emerging from Egypt, they were able to successfully service over 300+ businesses & clients combined from countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, some Euro countries along with the Gulf area and the Middle East on a regional level.

“When we first started Lixcorp digital marketing agency, we had to think about ways to stand out from any other stereotypical/cliche marketing agency. We found -literally- nothing more important than the unprecedented and the tremendous value that we can offer to all our valuable customers. We are even willing to take the time to offer Free strategy giveaways and Unmatched, In-Depth business Audits 100% Free-of-Charge to help transcend any local business or startups to a corporate-like level (both, conversion wise & sales wise).”

‘That’s why, our slogan Transcend stems from a strong, firm belief that our clients shall experience -not just the promised Growth that everyone else out there promises, but another level of utmost care about each client’s business interests. Our clients are just a mirror and a reflection to everything we -LixCorpians- put together.’

“We believe that our clients’ success is the best measure of our performance. That’s why we make sure that every ounce of effort we put in, translates into an actual contribution to our clients’ revenues and business growth into market leadership. That’s what defines Lixcorp as a results-driven agency.”

Lixcorp is a full-service digital marketing agency that creates custom-made & tailored strategies for each client based on their very specific business needs to match their goals while fitting the client’s business model. Services offered by Lixcorp include:-

* Website Design that is sales-Ready & Converts

* Niche/Industry-Specific SEO Bundles

* Sleepless Web Hosting that eliminates bounce rate with it’s expanded uptime capability

* Premium Graphic Designs that are conversion-focused

* Cost-Efficient Paid Advertising (Social Media / Pay Per Click) that brings Maximum ROI with minimal Ad spend

Last but not least, not only Lixcorp solely promises the renowned ‘American-Quality’ as a Marketing Agency in the Gulf & the Middle East region in general, but they do have exclusive B2B Offers for fellow marketing agencies who are looking to outsource their work and deliver that ‘high-end’ or corporate-like quality to their clients at special, white label pricing.

Visit Lixcorp’s official website: www.lixcorp.com

Media Contact

Ahmed Ibrahim
Gawharet aslefarat tower, square4, block 15, al-sayeda khadija st, alsefarat neighborhood