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While hanging out in your favorite hoodie and sweats is definitely comfy, that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be a “look.”

Even if you’re stuck inside, you can still look amazing while staying nice and cozy.

Check out this guide that explores some of the best lounge wear out there, so you can feel comfy while still looking your best.

Joggers: The Everyday Sweatpant

When it comes to finding the best lounge wear, joggers have definitely taken center stage. Similar to a standard pair of sweatpants, joggers tend to have a much more tailored, refined look.

A tapered leg gives these pants a much more sophisticated look that you can easily transition from the couch to the coffee shop without missing a beat. In fact, they also make great comfy airport outfits, too.

Most joggers include pockets, which really adds the comfort and convenience factor. Look for pairs that feature an elastic waist with a drawstring so you can adjust the fit as you need to.

The beauty of joggers is that they’re popular for men and women, and they come in tons of patterns and colors. From camo to solid and florals, these lounge pants are by far the trendiest and the most versatile option this season. Pair them with a graphic tee and a denim jacket for an awesome streetwear aesthetic.

Colorful Graphic Hoodies

The hoodie has been an old favorite for years, but lately, it’s getting a new lease on life. Gone are the days when the hoodie was simply a basic layer, and now it’s become a popular lounge choice.

Look for hoodies that feature an awesome graphic on the front, back, chest area, or all three. You can even find some hoodies with rad graphics running down the arms, too.

The graphic you choose can be anything you like, from sports teams or pop culture icons to National Parks. The idea is to make your hoodie more than just a comfortable piece of clothing and to make it closer to a fashion statement.

Hoodies can be found in a pullover or full-zip style, depending on the fit that you prefer. A full-zip is great for layering and it’s easier to take off and put on if you’re out and about.

Pullover hoodies with a kangaroo pocket in the front are perfect for lounging at home or anywhere you want to keep warm. Pick a size larger than your normal size for a super-comfy, oversized fit.

The Best Lounge: Sherpa

If you’re looking for the ultimate comfy outfit ideas, you simply can’t go wrong with sherpa. This oh-so-soft, thick material is like surrounding yourself in a dreamy cloud.

Sherpa is certainly warm and comfortable, but it can also be quite fashionable, too. Sherpa outerwear with unique detailing like quilted pockets or a mixture of Sherpa and nylon can turn traditional lounge items into functional fashion.

You’ll find this dreamy material on everything these days, from robes to pullovers and even pants. The thick, soft feeling of Sherpa makes it a prime choice for snuggling at home. Make sure you use a quality detergent and wash your Sherpa according to the instructions.

Many fashion brands have been manufacturing a Sherpa line for years, but some are just now catching on. Whether it’s your favorite clothing brand or a new, trendy brand, you’ll probably find it at almost every clothing retailer this year.

Bike Shorts

You don’t need to be a professional bike rider to appreciate the comfort level of bike shorts. These longer-fitting shorts are typically made of a Spandex blend and feature a super-stretchy yet ultra-flattering fit.

Bike shorts are a perfect companion for a pullover sweatshirt or a tank top and bathrobe. You can wear them with practically anything in every season ranging from spring all the way into winter.

Look for bike shorts that come in fun patterns like leopard or camouflage prints. Pair them with a long-sleeve tee, a sweatshirt, or a tank top, and enjoy lounging about.

Think of bike shorts like the shorter cousin of leggings. They’re usually made of the same or similar material but just have a shorter length typically comes to just above the knee. Some of these comfy shorts even have pockets, too!


Of course, you can’t forget footwear when you’re putting your lounge ensemble together. Slides or slide slippers are all the rage and they’re also a great pair of house shoes for every season.

Some slides feature faux fur construction to make them ultra-cozy. Others are fashion-forward and made by high-end luxury brands like Tori Burch or Gucci. Whichever you choose, they’re gorgeous, comfortable house shoes you can transition from indoors to outside.

If you find a pair of slide sandals that you absolutely love, wear them indoors all winter, then enjoy them as summer sandals as the weather warms up. They’re the perfect pair of shoes if you’re looking for a combination of comfort and versatility.

Stay Cozy and Cool in Loungewear

From joggers to Sherpa robes, try this best lounge wear to keep you warm, comfy, and looking stylish. Mix and match pieces and look for items you can transition from your living room to an outing without missing a beat.

A great pair of bike shorts or some comfy slides will give you a perfect foundation piece to work with that you can layer with anything.

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