Dutch artist Jessica Hendrickx is an international rising star. Her bold, abstract art is now in over 20 countries and available for sale online at littleleloo.com. Her colorful, original art is jaw-dropping. Hendrickx said she enjoys experimenting with different colors and concepts. Her paintings come from her imagination and places where she would like to visit upon closing her eyes. Her pieces are handmade and one-of-a-kind. She uses high-grade acrylic paint on a heavy cotton canvas, which will last over 100 years. Shipping is now free worldwide and LittleLeLoo offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. Fans can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. 


Raamsdonksveer, NL, 17 November 2020 — Jessica Hendrickx, a Dutch abstract artist, one to watch in the art world, is now exhibiting her bold work in over 20 countries. 

Hendrickx specializes in large abstract paintings that make a statement about the world we live in. As an artist, she keeps an open mind and pushes the boundaries of what has been done before.  

“Abstract art to me is freedom,” she said. “There are no rules, no expectations, and there is no reality. My inspiration comes from everywhere. I play a lot with colors, movements, compositions, and forms to achieve something new and unexpected.”

Art lovers can shop for her unique bold abstract art to breathe life and personality into their unique spaces. LittleLeLoo Art is Hendrickx’s art shop selling eye-catching pieces for all types of spaces: bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and more.

“I’m a creative creature who enjoys experimenting and exploring, constantly challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone,” said Hendrickx. “I paint the sceneries I fantasize about. These are the places I wander off to when I close my eyes”

Unlike purchasing art from a major retailer, each painting from LittleLeLoo is made by hand and is one of a kind. No additional copies or prints are made, therefore owners have the only version of that piece in the world. Hendrickx uses high-grade acrylic paint on a heavy cotton canvas. They will last over 100 years. 

Colorful original art is currently for sale online. Measuring 100 x 70 cm or 150 x 115 cm, the paintings are held in collections worldwide. Shipping is now free anywhere in the world and a certificate of authenticity is included with each purchase. A 14-day money-back guarantee also applies. 

Learn more about abstract artist Jessica Hendrickx at littleleloo.com. Testimonials are available from previous customers. You can also check an interactive map on her website showing where in the world her art is on display. 

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